Study From Home has taken a new Avatar with RSCERT's "Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein" program - Remote areas benefitted

Study From Home has taken a new Avatar with RSCERT's "Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein" program - Remote areas benefitted

RSCERT Director conducted an inspection of schools in Udaipur assess the effectiveness of the “Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein” program

Rajasthan Government Schools Rural Areas Aao Ghar Se Seekhein Shiksha Vaani Shiksha Darshan

Priyanka Jodhavat, Director of Rajasthan State Centre for Education Research and Training has been visiting schools across Udaipur in order to optimize an effective dissemination and administration of RSCERT’s “Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein” initiative.

The RSCERT addressed pedagogy through remote methods at the advent of the first lockdown in 2020. In May 2020, the Shaksha Vaani program was launched on Akashwani, which disseminated learning to children in the remote areas. Shiksha Darshan was launched on Doordarshan simultaneously. Where TV could not reach, Radio took over. Teachers were allocated tasks of taking the assignments and worksheets to students and then again collecting their work, where the same was not possible through Internet (WhatsApp groups)

In her continuing visits over the last few days, Priyanka Jodhavat visited the Government Girls Senior Secondary School, Residency Road and Government Guru Govind Singh School at Udaipur. This was the Directors third day of interaction with government schools in the district, as per Associate Professor Kamlendra Singh Ranavat of the RSCERT, Udaipur.

During her visit to Guru Govind Senior Secondary School, if was found that the entries in the Smile Module were satisfactory.  The worksheets of the students and student portfolios were found to be in order 70% of the students were enrolled in the online sessions and have benefitted from the content and the teaching methodology adopted in the ”Shiksha Vaani” and “Shiksha Darshan” programs. Records and methodology of marking for the Class 10 and Class 12 marks were also checked in detail.

During inspection at the Govt. Girls Residency School, a large number of students were found to be present. The Director instructed the administration to apply the COVID protocol norms in spirit. It was found that the records and data sets were in order.  The Director and her team provided the necessary directions and procedure for constitution of the records of the students’ weekly quiz, e-Class, portfolio, WhatsApp groups, etc. The Director has instructed the Dy. Director School Education Dharmendra Joshi and two persons from the department to form a team and coordinate with school to ensure improvement and effective control and management of the e-Class initiative.

The RSCERT initiative of “Aao Ghar Mein Seekhein” has addressed the case of adopting to remote teaching methods in the wake of the pandemic. Through its programs, the learning material will reach students in the tribal areas as well as other remote rural areas. This has provided confidence to parents, children and society at large.

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