Admission of kids under 16 prohibited in coaching institutes

Admission of kids under 16 prohibited in coaching institutes

Ministry of Education has introduced new rules...

New Coaching Guidelines

The Ministry of Education has introduced new rules stating that students under 16 years old can't enroll in coaching centers. These centers are now forbidden from making false promises, like guaranteeing high grades or ranks. The goal of these guidelines is to create clear laws for coaching institutions, ensuring they operate in an organized manner and preventing the excessive growth of private coaching centers without proper regulation. 

The ministry created these guidelines because students complained about more cheating, lack of facilities and problems with the teaching methods in coaching centers. Coaching institutes must hire teachers with at least a graduate degree. They are not allowed to make false promises to parents about student enrollment, like guaranteeing ranks or high scores. The institute cannot admit students under 16 years old. Students should join coaching institutes after finishing the 10th-grade exams. 

Coaching institutes can't hire teachers or individuals convicted of offenses involving moral wrongdoing. An institute won't be registered unless it has a counseling system that follows these guidelines. As per the rules, coaching institutes must have a website with info about teachers' qualifications, course content, course duration, hostel facilities, and fees.

Following new guidelines, coaching institutes should ease competition and academic pressure for students. They should conduct classes without putting undue stress on students. To enforce the policy effectively, the government proposes penalties for coaching centers engaging in malpractices. They could face fines of up to Rs 1 lakh or even have their registration cancelled. This strict action is targeted at those charging excessive fees, which can contribute to student stress and in extreme cases, lead to suicides.

The rules talk a lot about how students feel, especially after incidents in Kota, Rajasthan, last year when many students took their own lives. The rules say that fees for different classes should be clear and fair and they need to give you a receipt for the money you pay. It is also clear that if you leave a class in the middle, they should give back the money for the part you didn't use. 

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