Bad internet connectivity deprives students of education

Bad internet connectivity deprives students of education

80 percent students of Udaipur district are not able to take online classes. The internet speed or no internet is quite a big hinderance. 
Bad internet connectivity deprives students of education
If some concrete step is not taken regarding internet connectivity, a number of students will not be able to avail the benefit of education in the lockdown period.

In the times of lockdown, education is one field which is suffering to a great extent. Providing online education is the only option left but the internet connectivity is posing to be a great issue. To top it all, news about educational apps hacking information is another big issue.

Online studies have been adopted by almost all schools as students are likely to suffer a lot because of covid19. The schools have also started giving assignments over whatsapp so that the students get to know something about their subjects and learn their assignments while in lockdown. 

With most of the people working from home, and with the internet usage increasing during lockdown period, the connectivity of net has become quite a big headache. Load on internet servers in India has slowed down internet services and this is one issue that needs to be taken care of. With the load increasing, internet has gone so slow that students are not able to take online classes. Every site takes time to connect and even regular browsing has become difficult. Uploads and downloads are taking too much of time. 

With all these issues, the students in the rural areas are suffering more than the urban area students. Whatsapp is being used by teachers to post assignments in groups in the urban areas so that students can at least have something to learn but slow internet is making it difficult for them to download files. There on the other hand, rural areas are not even getting reasonable internt connectivity. As a result the students are not able to study. Course material is not available as market areas are closed, downloading the materials is far more disappointing. Though the education department is trying to connect all through whatsapp, yet the internet speed is depriving almost 80 percent students of education. 

If the internet speed and connectivity issues are not tackled at the earliest, many students will be suffering this year. Lockdown may or may not be lifted soon, but in any case the schools cannot be reopened in the near future for the fear of corona is too much and social distancing formula cannot be applied in schools. 

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