Best Speeches in the World

Best Speeches in the World

History has given us a broad set of people who are known to deliver outstanding speeches that were able to give people a whole new direction in life.
Best Speeches in the World

A set of words that is delivered in front of a large crowd in order to inspire them, inform them, motivate them or convince them is known as speech.  History has given us a broad set of people who are known to deliver outstanding speeches that were able to give people a whole new direction in life. These speeches have been ahead of their time and were not limited to a certain situation or time bound. They still motivate people when heard and are considered some of the best speeches delivered ever.

Style is a very important factor of a speech. Written as well as spoken skills matter in a speech. One has to know difficult english words with meanings so that they can give the speech properly. The speech should be attractive and people should be willing to hear it. This also depends on the speaking style of the person who is going to deliver the speech.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that only good speaking style and attractive words are not enough to deliver a strong speech. The content of the speech should be a strong one and should be able to motivate the audience internally. There should be a high impact of the speech for several years to come. It should be able to change the mindset of people and encourage them towards a better future. We will be discussing a few such speeches below.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt gave a moving speech about the “Duties of American Citizenship” while he was New York assemblyman. He made the people aware about why everyone should be involved in politics and what are their duties as a citizen of New York. According to him, maintaining a good governing body was the responsibility of every citizen. He criticized the citizens who were unwilling to participate in any kind of politics because they were busy. He motivated everyone to be involved in politics and take interest in building a government that would serve their interests.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was one of the greatest speakers of his time. In spite of having a speech disorder, numerous speeches and practice has made him so fluent that it was impossible for anyone to spot any such problem during his speech. He had a voice which was comforting and can build up confidence even during the darkest of times. He strongly believed that everyone just has to perform their own duty and manage everything in a very organized way and it was enough for emerging of any kind of difficulty any time.

Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig was a baseball player and was so good at it that there was no reason for him to stop. He was also known as the Iron Horse due to his excellence and commitment towards the game. It was not until he was hit by crippling disease that he stopped playing. He was given a farewell by his fellow teammates and provided with various gifts, plaques and mementoes. They also gave endearing speeches and shared some great memories that they had with him. Lou Gehrig addressed the audience at last and shared his amazing journey, experience and how he lucky he was instead of being sad and pity. The speech he gave was very motivating and is remembered till now.


Demosthenes was the speaker and orator of Athens. He loved the freedom their country provided and wanted to fight against anyone who tried to take away the freedom. To his disappointment, his fellow Athenians did not share the same feelings. His aim was to make his fellow Athenians aware of the doom that was proceeding and how they should be fighting against it as one. Demosthenes was worried about loosing their freedom and wanted to make everyone aware through his speeches. He was able to motivate his fellow Athenians and they all wanted their freedom back. They were highly encouraged by his speeches.

Chief Joseph

Chief Joseph and his tribe, in 1877 was declared to move into face retribution. They tried to fly to Canada after some of the tribesmen killed four white men, though Chief Joseph preached positivity and peace. To save his fellow tribesmen from further violence, they tried to flew but were caught by the US army and Chief Joseph had to surrender. The surrender speech was the last he ever gave and was very moving.

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