BEWARE: Fake message on social media

BEWARE: Fake message on social media

News of fake message being circulated on social media.

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BEWARE: Fake message on social media

A message is going viral on social media these days. As per sources, this message is fake and public must become alert.

The message shown in the image here is going viral these days and has become a pain in the neck for concerned educational officers. This message on social media regarding scholarship is reportedly fake. None of the departments have received any information on this. Everyone from the officers to the employees is worried as they are being approached by students and parents for this message. When contacted by parents and students, all officers and employees of the educational department searched through every mail and letter but no such information was delivered to either of them at any point of time.

It has been clarified by Commissioner of Municipal Corporation that no information of the sort has reached any department at all. Probably this message is circulating on social media only. The link provided in this message takes the user to some other site which has details of some other scholarship plans.

It has also been pointed out by some sources that the link provided in the message gives details of scholarships for children of ex-servicemen and not for general public. The truth behind this message is still being explored. Till then public is requested to stay calm and not get hyper with the message.

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