What are the 4 Biggest Challenges That Online Tutors Are Facing This Year?

What are the 4 Biggest Challenges That Online Tutors Are Facing This Year?

Biggest Challenges Faced by Online Tutors Best Online Tutors
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It is obvious that the worldwide pandemic has changed a lot of aspects of our daily lives: the way we communicate, the way we entertain ourselves, the way we shop, and most importantly, the way we work.

Therefore, the coronavirus pandemic has highly affected online tutors as well. From one point of view, more people seek to gain education or additional knowledge online than before but it also increases the competition for the online tutors that have been teaching online for years.

The year 2021 has been different in general and it has created a lot of new challenges that online tutors had to face. In this article, we will go through the main challenges that this profession has been facing this year.

1. Growing Competition in Online Teaching

As the number of people working online is growing because some people are working remotely due to the pandemic and some lost their jobs and started their own businesses, more people are looking forward to learning new things online as well.

There are multiple reasons for that. First of all, it helps you avoid contact with other students in a closed-off classroom. Second of all, you save time because you do not need to travel to a certain destination for your classes. 

Also, as quite some people have lost their jobs due to the worldwide pandemic, they are trying to gain new skills in order to pursue a new career that is not threatened by a lockdown. Therefore, the competition between tutor jobs is growing rapidly.

2. Distance With the Students

Even with all the convenience and comfort that online learning can provide, there are still some human factors and needs that stay unfulfilled when learning or tutoring online. The main ones are real human connection and building friendships with your students and vice versa.

Spending most of the time at home and also learning online can make your students feel pretty lonely. Therefore, if you already tutor online, you probably noticed that online students seem to be pretty distant.

More to it, it makes some of the regular tasks such as group work, group discussions, or other activities more difficult. However, if you want to create a less distant environment with your students, look for ways to engage in group activities, such as discussion boards or group chats.

3. Unmotivated Students

Another challenge of tutor jobs is your students lacking motivation. For some of the online tutors, it is difficult enough to teach online, especially if they were teaching regular classes before, and then decided to research some online tutor hiring platforms due to the pandemic.

However, the students struggle to find motivation even more. One of the main reasons why it’s hard to focus when learning online is the environment. Classrooms are designed in a way to help students focus. Though nowadays, they take their online classes from a kitchen table or even from bed. 

In order to help your students to regain motivation, you can set clear goals and instructions on how to successfully achieve them. Also, try to clarify how much time the students should spend on a specific task, and of course, give them a deadline. 

4. Being Dependent on the Internet

As during the last year online tutoring had reached its peak, a lot of digital solutions for learning online have been implemented and improved. However, online tutors are still facing a lot of technical difficulties.

For instance, one of the most common ones is a stable internet connection, which is not that easy to ensure. For example, if the online tutor is working and travelling, it will not be possible to find the best internet connection in every part of the world. 

More to it, if the online tutor is giving its students classes from home, it still does not mean that all of the students will have a good internet connection. This gives some sort of instability for the online classes. 

Thus make sure you have a proper communication strategy when such issues appear. For example, if you notice that one of your students always has a bad internet connection and you have access to your student’s parents' contacts, it might be smart to reach out to them.

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