Colleges in Udaipur opened on 16 June | Restrictions in place at MLSU

Colleges in Udaipur opened on 16 June | Restrictions in place at MLSU

MLSU has implemented thremal screening and recording at point of entry. BN University confirms implementation of thermal screening in due course.
Colleges in Udaipur opened on 16 June | Restrictions in place at MLSU
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Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Mohanlal Sukhadia University has opened its gates to faculty members and administrative staff, after the summer vacations ended on 15 June.

As per Registrar Himmat Singh Barhat, College of Commerce and Management Studies, College of Science, College of Humanities and Law College will be operative from 8am till 1pm. There will be no lunch break.

As per COVID19 protocols, thermal screening is being done at the entry points to each of the units.  The thermal screening at each point is followed by recording the name, address and telephone number of each member who enters the premises. No outsider or student is allowed to enter the premises. Hand sanitization is done at the point of entry. Attendance will be marked in manual registers and not the biometric machines.

BN University

BN University in the meanwhile is operating its Boys PG college froom 10am till 2pm and the girls college is operational from 9am till 1pm.

No restrictions were at place on the entry point to the University.  Both the main gates to the University were open and NOT BEING MANNED.  There is no check on who is entering the university premises or any of the colleges within the premises. No thermal screening is being done either at the University premises entrance OR on the entry points at any of the colleges - both PG and Girls college.  

There is a sanitizer at the University building entrance but thermal screening is not being done. Registers and sanitizers are kept at the entrance to the individual college buildings. Entry records are being maintained in the college building and attendance is done on manual registers.

BN University has disabled all Biometric attendance machines from March 2020.

UPDATE on 17 June: UdaipurTimes spoke to the Registrar of the BN University, Raghuvir Singh Chouhan. The Registrar confirmed that the University is implementing safety check and precautions at the main entrance, which will be adequately manned and similary checks and controls will be in place at the college building as well.

The registrar has confirmed that the safety checks will be in place from Wednesday, 17 June.

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