Dress code for college students

Dress code for college students

All college students will now be seen in uniforms.

Dress code for college students

This news may come as a shock for many. It has been decided that all colleges in the city will have a compulsory dress code for students.

Meera Girls College has been following dress code since years. Now all colleges in the city will have a dress code and students may be in for a shock that they will not be able to dress up in their colourful styles and fashion anymore. The dress code has been made compulsory going ahead with 2018-2019 session. All student union members, other students, senior members have been asked to give their opinion on colour and style of dress.

College Principals will collect details, endorse the same and forward the information to College Education Department. Based on this information, dress codes for the respective colleges will be finalised. Udaipur region has more than 200 government colleges. The dress code rule will henceforth apply to around 4 lakh college students.

Dress code for boys-Shirt, trousers, Sweater (winters), shoes, socks and belt.

Dress code for girls-Salwar suit, dupatta, sweater or cardigan (winters), Saree, shoes/sandals and socks.

Colours and styles will be chosen by students and finalised by department and implied on compulsory basis.

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