Education Department allocates funds to benefit 754 schools in Udaipur

Education Department allocates funds to benefit 754 schools in Udaipur

This will help in school development...

Rajasthan Education Department

The Rajasthan Education Department is once again gearing up to raise funds from donors to enhance the state's educational facilities. With a budget of 3.10 crores, the department aims to benefit 15,539 government schools across the region. The ambitious target is to accumulate 30 crores, which is ten times the initial investment. The funds gathered will be allocated towards school improvements, developmental projects, and various other initiatives.

To achieve this objective, the campaign will engage parents, local benefactors, and successful alumni who have emerged from these schools. The focus is on connecting with individuals who are now in influential positions. The department plans to solicit contributions from them. As part of this endeavor, alumni and donor conferences will be organized to foster stronger connections and garner support.

For the successful execution of the project, each school will receive a budget of Rs 2,000. This allocation will aid in addressing immediate repair needs, infrastructural development, and other essential requirements. Through this coordinated effort, the Education Department aims to significantly enhance the quality of education in these government schools and create a positive and conducive learning environment for students.

Any expenses exceeding this amount will be the responsibility of the school management. A total of Rs 15 lakh 8 thousand has been allocated for 754 schools in the Udaipur district. The campaign is scheduled to continue until December, and although it won't cease thereafter, its pace will be notably reduced. It is noteworthy that the Gyan Sankalp portal was introduced by the department around three years ago and is still operational. This platform facilitates direct deposits into the department's designated bank account.

As per the directive pertaining to fundraising through guest-involved events, a utilization certificate (UC) must be submitted within 7 days following the event. This certificate should outline the source and amount of funds received by the school. Furthermore, a comprehensive project report is also required, detailing all tasks, both minor and major, intended for the school's enhancement. This report will encompass all aspects of the proposed undertakings to be carried out.

According to information from the department, as of July this year, a sum of Rs 88,79,081 remains unutilized in the Gyan Sankalp account. This amount has not yet been utilized. A total of Rs 7,50,00,000 has been received over the entire year. Notably, Udaipur has received an amount of Rs 1,97,880 by July. Previously, contributions had been received up to 15 lakhs. It's important to mention that this particular sum has been accrued through the Gyan Sankalp portal. 

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