Education Department launches "School After School" initiative

Education Department launches "School After School" initiative 

This initiative is to boost Board exams results of government school students 


Education Department Improves Board Results

Special class will be held for 3 hours

In a groundbreaking move, the Education Department has unveiled its latest initiative, "School After School," aimed at enhancing the performance of students in board classes. Commencing on September 18, this innovative program entails a three-hour special online class to be conducted at home following regular school hours. Once government schools announce holidays, students in both 10th and 12th grades will be required to participate in online classes from the comfort of their homes, utilizing their mobile devices and computers, according to the daily timetable.

The "School After School" initiative seeks to provide students with additional learning opportunities and support to excel in their academic pursuits. These supplementary classes, held exclusively online, are designed to supplement the regular curriculum and offer a focused environment for students to further develop their skills.

During this period, subject-specific teachers will also conduct classes remotely from their homes. These classes will cover all six subjects for 10th-grade students. The sessions will take place after regular school hours, running for three hours from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Each day, there will be discussions on four different topics. For 10th graders, the main focus will be on English, Science, Social Science, and Mathematics. Similarly, in the case of 12th graders, the priority subjects will include English, History, Political Science, Science, and Mathematics, although classes will be available for all subjects. And similarly for 12th also, responsibility has been given to subject experts regarding important topics. They will be able to connect from anywhere. 

UT NOTE: Education Department officials are optimistic about the positive impact this initiative will have on students' academic performance. By extending learning beyond the traditional classroom setting, they aim to address any learning gaps and empower students with the tools they need to excel in their board examinations. Parents and students alike are encouraged to embrace this forward-thinking approach to education, which demonstrates the Education Department's commitment to fostering academic excellence. The "School After School" program is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education in the region, as it leverages technology to provide students with additional opportunities for growth and success.


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