Udaipur gears up for educational survey in 1099 schools

Udaipur gears up for educational survey in 1099 schools

Education Department to compile student responses for reports...

Government schools

The education department is conducting a thorough survey in chosen schools, including those in Udaipur, on December 6 and 7,2023. The results of this survey will be used to shape educational policies. The education department has organized a survey to understand the perspectives of students in government and private schools regarding their studies and future aspirations. The survey aims to explore how teachers motivate students on a daily basis and the teaching methods employed in schools.

The department's Secretary, Navin Jain, is personally overseeing the entire matter. He has issued a letter emphasizing to school officials that any negligence in handling the situation could lead to serious consequences for them. In simpler terms, strict action will be taken if any carelessness is discovered. The responsibility for conducting this survey throughout the entire state has been assigned to the Rajasthan State Council of Educational Research & Training (RSCERT). 

A survey is set to take place for students in classes 3, 6, and 9. In Udaipur, 1099 schools have been chosen for this initiative, and across the state, a total of 45455 schools are part of the survey. The process will start on the first day of December, with the completion of information on the OMR sheets. Subsequently, on the second day, the primary survey activities will unfold. This systematic approach ensures a comprehensive examination of students across the specified classes, contributing to valuable educational insights.

The educational journey for children commences in the nursery class, forming the crucial foundation for their learning. Recognizing this, the survey extends to the third grade, with a specific emphasis on reinforcing this educational base.

To gain valuable insights into strengthening this foundation, a survey involving the children will be carried out. This aims to understand their perspectives on how to enhance the learning experience. The forthcoming program will be meticulously crafted, drawing inspiration from the children's thoughts and ideas. This ensures that the educational initiatives align closely with the needs and perceptions of the young learners.

To address this, class 6 has been chosen for the survey. While the survey includes all three classes, the design of the question paper will primarily focus on a forward-looking perspective, placing greater emphasis on future preparation. Questions will be formulated to align with this aspect, ensuring a thoughtful and comprehensive examination. Also, there will be focus on 9th-grade students, as it is at this stage that students commonly define their goals.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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