For the love of Hindi-UK youth in Udaipur

For the love of Hindi-UK youth in Udaipur

UK students came to Udaipur to learn Hindi.

For the love of Hindi-UK youth in Udaipur

They love Hindi to such an extent that they came to India to learn the language. These youth are on a trip to India and more than 10 of them came to Udaipur and visited Mohan Lal Sukhadia University (MLSU) on Friday.

Indians are losing interest in their own language Hindi, but the foreign students are keen to learn it. Some of these students love Hindi songs, some love Hindi movies. Some find Hindi to be the best language of the world. There are some who want to learn it so that they can communicate with the Hindi speaking patients in their country.

These students are learning to speak Hindi from Dr. Surekha Chopra who lives in UK. Dr. Surekha Chopra reached MLSU on Friday and held discussions with Prof. Madhav Hada HOD for Hindi and Assistant Prof. Rajkumar Vyas.

Dr. Chopra said that Hindi is given a lot of importance in UK. She is saddened by the fact that Hindi is not given importance in India. People of officer cadre, political leaders and even education department are not dedicated towards Hindi. She also said that Indian High Commissioner has stopped giving grants to students; hence it is difficult for students to come to India for the purpose of learning Hindi.

Teaching Hindi to foreigners for the last 23 years

Dr. Chopra is teaching Hindi to foreigners for the last 23 years. Until now more than 7 thousand people have learnt Hindi from her. She says that Hindi is becoming a most sought after language among the foreign nationals. Every year, a number of foreigners come to India to learn Hindi. She teaches Hindi in UK along with her other friends. They are teaching students in temples in UK and even in a lot of institutes. There are a lot of students of Indian origin along with those from UK, France, Italy, Greece and other nations learning Hindi from her.

A Kenyan Doctor is learning Hindi so that she can communicate well with her patients. Jimil from West Indies also wants to learn Hindi since he loves Hindi movies. Devki from Sri Lanka is learning Hindi so that she can communicate with her Indian mother in a better way.

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