Fraud callers-Pain in the neck for CBSE

Fraud callers-Pain in the neck for CBSE

Beware of fraud calls.

Fraud callers-Pain in the neck for CBSE

CBSE officers are being troubled by fake calls these days. The increasing numbers of fake calls have forced the officers to alert the Board Secretary.

As per reports, fake callers are posing to be Board officers and calling up just every CBSE officers and others in the department. They are providing bank account numbers and are asking the officers to deposit money in these accounts. The officers have alerted every person in the department to stay alert and report if they receive any calls of this nature.

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It has been verified by police that many schools and even the guardians of students have been called by these impostors. Public has also been directed to give information of these calls and the phone numbers on CBSE websites. They can also call the police or CBSE departments to provide information of these calls.

Police department has alerted the public to NOT DEPOSIT OR TRANSFER MONEY IN ANY SUCH ACCOUNTS.

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