11 New Government Schools in Udaipur transformed into English medium

11 New Government Schools in Udaipur transformed into English medium

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Face resource shortages and book unavailability

In a swift series of actions, the Education Department has unveiled a transformative plan, issuing a staggering 6 orders in the span of just 6 days. The objective? A paradigm shift in the educational landscape of the state, as 401 government schools are slated for a remarkable transformation into English medium institutions.The winds of change have swept through Udaipur as well, with the addition of 11 new schools to this ambitious initiative. With this expansion, the count of such English medium schools in the city has now surged to an impressive 124.

Reflecting this trend of progress, the state has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of these schools. The last academic session bore witness to 2070 such schools across the entire state. However, as of August 2023, this number has soared to an astonishing 3270, signifying the scale of this sweeping reform. Anticipating an upward trajectory, projections indicate that this count is poised to surpass the 3400 mark even before the imposition of the election code of conduct.

Need Quality Over Quantity

In the pursuit of increasing quantity, the department appears to have overlooked quality. Despite the transition to English-medium schools, the truth remains that children have not received free textbooks, and there is an insufficiency of teachers to provide proper education. The schools continue to operate within the same premises as other students, and there is a lack of an action plan to establish an immersive English learning environment. According to Ganeshlal Ninama, a retired Joint Director of the Education Department, the focus seems to be on rapidly expanding English medium schools without considering the availability of resources or whether children will receive necessary books. However, he points out that significant challenges in resource management and manpower are likely to arise in the future. Ninama suggests that the department should allocate budgets for resources at a pace equivalent to the rate of school openings and should also prioritize recruitment efforts.

Jodhpur Tops With Highest Number of English Medium Schools

In the current educational system, Jodhpur, the home district of CM Ashok Gehlot, boasts the highest number of English medium schools, totaling 192, while Pratapgarh lags behind with just 22 schools. The recently established division includes 41 schools in Banswara district and 60 in Dungarpur. The remaining districts host over 60 schools, some even exceeding 100. Teacher leaders have expressed concerns about merely labeling existing schools as English medium. Sher Singh Chauhan, the State President of the Teachers and Panchayati Raj Teachers Association, emphasizes that enhancing the education system requires more than just a change in status; it demands the provision of appropriate means and resources. Only then will a commitment to quality education truly manifest on the ground.


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