Education Crisis: Low Standards in 200 Tribal Villages Across 20 Districts Including Udaipur

Education Crisis: Low Standards in 200 Tribal Villages Across 20 Districts Including Udaipur

Government to open 50 hostels in tribal villages across 20 districts including Udaipur to improve education

Government Hostels to Open in Udaipur

To address the poor education standards in tribal areas, the central government has announced the opening of 50 hostels across 20 districts, including Udaipur, in the state. This decision comes as part of the Prime Minister's Tribal Development Village Scheme, initiated during the budget session.

Under the scheme, a survey was conducted with the assistance of the Tribal Area Development (TAD) to evaluate the education level in areas predominantly inhabited by tribal communities. The survey revealed alarming disparities, particularly in 200 tribal villages across 20 districts, as well as in 30 villages within 12 blocks of Udaipur district.

To tackle this issue, the government plans to establish hostels at government expense in these villages, gram panchayats, or block headquarters. These hostels aim to accommodate children and provide them with educational opportunities. Later, these students will be integrated into the Antyodaya scheme.

The Survey was Based on 5 Criteria

The survey, conducted by the central government, was based on five key criteria. Firstly, it assessed the level of education in the villages, considering factors such as the number of children attending school, literate individuals, and the availability of educational facilities.

Secondly, the survey examined the situation of newborns and young children in these areas. Thirdly, it evaluated the existing facilities in the villages and their accessibility. Fourthly, the survey analyzed the presence, distance, and standard of educational institutions in the villages. Lastly, it assessed the awareness level of parents regarding education.

The survey team has identified suitable villages and inspected land for hostel construction. A list of villages requiring hostels will be forwarded for construction based on the survey findings.

A team from the State Education Board has also visited the surveyed villages in Udaipur to assess the situation firsthand. The list of identified villages has been sent to the Education Department for further action. Departmental officials will confirm and report on the opening of hostels in these areas.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

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