IIM Udaipur to host its first HR Conclave on 20th Oct

IIM Udaipur to host its first HR Conclave on 20th Oct

Spandan’13, the HR conclave organized by the HR club of IIM Udaipur is being held on 20th October 2013 at Sheraton, Udaipur.


Spandan’13, the HR conclave organized by the HR club of IIM Udaipur is being held on 20th October 2013 at Sheraton, Udaipur.

The key note speaker for the day will be Dr.T.V. Rao. He is regarded as “The Father of Indian HRD” and the founder of the 360 degree feedback system. He has conducted more than 50 workshops across various countries.

Currently, he is developing HRD Auditors and Trainers of Development Centers and creating manuals for HRD Audit in an effort to make HRD Audit standardized like ISO certification.

There will many other esteemed speakers – Dr. Pallab Bandyopadhyay, Raj Ambekar, Bomi Manekshaw,  Ganesh Ramakrishnan, Kevin Freitas and  Amrut Rath participating in the three panel discussions to share their experiences in the field of Human Resources.

The topics of the Panel discussion will be under the theme “Transforming HR for new business practices”.

The first panel topic for discussion will be “Changing Business Outlook towards HR Practices”. Marching ahead in the new decade, various new opportunities and challenges await companies.

To be successful, businesses need to be able to frame human capital strategy and develop human resource capabilities which simultaneously ought to be globally homogenous and locally relevant. Amicable relationships at each hierarchical level and transparent talent acquisition and retention policies have become an essential requirement for businesses to be successful. Hence it is important to understand the changing business outlook from the pioneers of HR.

The second panel topic for discussion will be “Role of Change Management with Increasing Globalization”. At the advent of globalization, MNC’s have initiated the focus on brand management which thrives in the minds of the customer.

Evolution of the nature of work and organizations are realized as we move ahead in the stiff competitive environment. Change management not only needs to be well structured but an innovative approach in a new environment becomes the need of the hour. The change agents are shifting their focus holistically to bring transformations in people. Therefore developing a shared vision enhances readiness by overcoming resistance to be successful at the highest level.

The third panel topic for discussion will be “Developing next generation of corporate leaders” Leaders are not always born but also made. Every organization has a key role of ensuring that its leaders are in sync with today’s upbeats.

Rotational policy enables employees to gain diverse experiences and ability to face new challenges. Effective mentorship programs play a significant role. Involvement in projects which entail long term perspectives, decision making skills and ability to understand complexities will hone their skills.

With evolving technologies, employees must be adaptable to new changes and open to novel ideas. They should be made receptive to others’ point of view. Values need to be instigated such that corporate social responsibility is encouraged and the benefits of growth trickle down to the society.

The above panel discussion topics will facilitate quality interaction of the panelists with the students to enrich their knowledge and perception about Human Resources in an organization.

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