Kaya Kalp campaign-Personality development traits phase 2

Kaya Kalp campaign-Personality development traits phase 2

"Kaya Kalp" campaign projected to enhance a student's personality.

Kaya Kalp campaign-Personality development traits phase 2

Grooming of a child is an utmost important part of his student life. Following this, campaign “Kaya-Kalp” saw its second phase in Alok School, Sector 11, Udaipur on Thursday.

The campaign Kaya Kalp is basically a part of grooming of the students resulting in the facelift of the entire institution. Dr. Pradeep Kumawat informed that the basic idea behind this campaign is to groom the personality of the students through various activities. Phase II of the campaign involves the enhancement of leadership quality of each student. Leadership quality involves a lot of communication skills and this activity was conducted today in and outside Alok Institue, Hiranmagri branch.

Communication is an important part of every person. Unless a person communicates well, he or she cannot make the people give a solemn ear to his words. If you are able to express yourself in either of the ways viz. written, verbal or any other form of communication, you are sure to lead and not simply lead but also make people follow you ardently. A person with the strength of communication is most certain to become a good leader. Whether you apply for a job or you become an entrepreneur, your leadership skills are the most hunted abilities in you.

Dr. Kumawat also emphasised that Alok Institute is doing its best to inculcate the qualities of leadership and basic values in students through various activities. Kaya Kalp is just a step on the ladder. Personality development, body language, spoken English and many other important aspects have been covered through this campaign. He also said that the campaign is headed to spread positive attitude amongst all. Be it teachers or students, positive attitude is a must. To lead the masses a leader has to display positive attitude, a teacher has to be positive to motivate students towards a progressing career. His message to all teachers is to stay positive. If the teachers start showing negativity in their attitudes and even if by chance they slip out words of negativity for any student by remarking personally that a particular student is good for nothing, then that teacher is demotivating the student and pushing him into darkness. A teacher’s negative attitude becomes the wrong example for a student, probably for ever.

Escalating the qualities of students is what the need of the time is. Every child has special qualities and they need to be explored and encouraged. The phase II of Kaya Kalp campaign is targetted towards all this.

It was also pointed out that Natyam theatre was started as a part of Kayak Kalp campaign. It covers the art of drama, art of speaking and art of discussion as well. Basically it is for the overall persona development of a child. Dr. Kumawat opines that if you want to learn a particular language, you must start thinking in that language. You inner being must get completely involved in the language henceforth making you a master in it.

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