Learning From Home | School, Private Tutors using innovative methods to engage students

Learning From Home | School, Private Tutors using innovative methods to engage students

Private Schools and Private Tutors have taken to online delivery of lectures and classes to their students while some schools have uploaded entire content online
Learning From Home | School, Private Tutors using innovative methods to engage students

Teachers are using YouTube Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts to deliver lectures

Home Tutors are also using innovate methods to ensure that their students dont waste the entire day and do some school learning

The lockdown has enabled a lot of innovations across workplaces to ensure that some work goes on and that the the entire day is not whiled away doing nothing productive as far as professional work is concerned.

Under the Work From Home phenomenon, it was pleasing to note that schools in Udaipur have begun to take online classes using Skype and YouTube sessions.  The same approach, of Learning From Home is also being followed by a few private home tuition providers.

Anurag Kothari, Secretary ,Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, in his message to schools and students on 26 March, said that teachers should use the online material available on the Ministry of HRD platform ‘DIKSHA” and deliver lectures to their students, assign projects, assignments, activities and e-Content.  This is to ensure that the current lockdown days are effectively utilized.

Circular to Schools from CBSE

Some Private schools of Udaipur have addressed the concerns of their students, especially of the sensitive classes, i.e. Xth and XIIth during the lockdown period.

Seedling Modern Public School, who are already partnering with Easy Marks, have facilitated online tutorials for their children and have updated the online dashboard with study material.

The students have been given their logins and are guided to study on their own and refer to notes when required.  School teachers are also available to guide them when required.

Online Learning Platform initiated by Seedling Modern Public School

Central Public School, another leading school of Udaipur, identified this need way before the circular was issued by CBSE. 

When UdaipurTimes spoke to Anjum Nath, one of the teachers in Central Public School, we were informed of this proactive approach by the school.

Anjum informed UT that the Director of CPS, Alka Sharma and Principal Poonam Rathore, identified this as an approach way back on 17 March, when orders were received for schools to be closed down.

Anjum Nath... taking Online Classes from Home

She also informed that teachers were asked to upload pedagogy sessions on YouTube and use Skype, Zoom and other such platforms to connect with students for interactive learning. Shown below is one of the videos that Anjum is using to deliver lectures to her students...

“It is a great learning for teachers and both, we and the students are really enjoying this form of casual interactive learning”… Anjum Nath, Teacher at Central Public School.

Students attending Online Lectures - Anjum taking classes from Home

Elsewhere, when UT explored further, we found two private home tuition providers, who had also taken the online teaching approach for their students.

Sugra, who runs private tuitions from her home in Chamanpura, said that she had discontinued classes the moment the schools were shut down and her next session which begins from 2 April, will be completely online, using Zoom. She is currently ensuring that the infrastructure supports seamless delivery. Citing the ongoing lockdown and the loss in terms of learning to her students, Sugra told UT that it is something that even the parents will appreciate.

During lockdown, when the children are at home, though they will learn other productive things, this form of interactive learning will ensure that they will be in touch with their studies as far as their school course is concerned - Sugra

Tabassum, another home tuitions provider at Kharol Colony, has already started online classes on Zoom last week. She has a session set of 10 students and one session lasts 35 minutes. She coordinates with the childrens parents on WhatsApp and shares credentials on a daily basis.

Online Tuition using Zoom
"My students are comfortable with this form of teaching and look forward to this interactive form of learning while being in the comfort of their homes" - Tabassum.

So Udaipur may be silent in some form, but there is a lot of productive activity going on in the city for students, at the behest of schools and tutors who are keen to ensure that their students continue to be in touch with studies in some form or the other.

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