Let’s talk – Change in examination pattern

Let’s talk – Change in examination pattern

We can make a difference to society if our kids fare well at examinations without pressure.


Let’s talk – Change in examination pattern

We always talk about child care. We always talk about teaching our kids to be good humans. And then we also get to know about the growing child suicide rates. Suicides which break hearts, which kill parents from inside. Though they learn to adjust with time, that one corner of their heart and mind keeps questioning…where did we go wrong?

What troubles me is the pressure on a child’s mind regarding marks in examinations, regarding excelling in studies. Our education system needs to change. My thoughts are based on certain aspects which we tend to overlook.

I have been good at writing since my childhood. This may not apply to my examinations. But I learnt with time that I can do better at writing my thoughts, instead of speaking them. This is why I did not follow my mother’s advice of becoming a teacher like her. But then this also tells me one more thing…I am good at writing NOW, but I was good at speaking THEN. Had I spoken out my exams instead of writing them, I would have excelled. But like every child gets suppressed after being pressurised into “Writing” well at exams, my verbal communication took a back seat.

But then there are students who can’t write, maybe their thoughts get mixed up while writing. But these students are good at speaking. Can the education system not be changed? Can there be a provision of taking oral examinations for students who don’t do well at writing?

There are times when a student understands the chapters taught, but is unable to pen down what his mind holds. What if these students actually get to excel while explaining the answers to the questions asked by means of talking …when conversation can also display their love and knowledge for the topic…no students would “fail” this way…grades won’t go down…After all it is about knowledge on the topic and not about the pen and paper.

Can something be done to bring such changes in the education system? When paper is not to be used to save felling of trees, why can’t we start something like this? Why only go by computerised system of teaching and learning? Why not speak, why not let something new take place of regular pattern? We can make a difference to society if our kids fare well at examinations without pressure…sometimes talking makes all the difference and is even faster than writing.

What say?

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