Udaipur: Deteriorated conditions of Constitution Park at MLSU

Udaipur: Deteriorated conditions of Constitution Park at MLSU

MLSU park lacks maintenance...

Constitution Park MLSU

In a disheartening scenario, Constitution Park, situated at Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU) in Udaipur, is facing severe neglect and decay. Despite its initial construction with a budget of approximately Rs 90 Lakh, the park lacks in maintenance.

The park, adorned with pillars featuring the preamble of the Constitution, including fundamental duties, once served as an inspiring symbol for students. However, over time, the lack of maintenance has left the pillars deprived of bulbs, with only exposed wires remaining.

The decay extends to the ponds within the park, now filled with visibly dirty water. It appears that these ponds have not undergone cleaning for an extended period. Additionally, the absence of lighting compounds the issue, making it inconvenient for students who frequently visit the park.

Despite being located at Udaipur's largest university, the condition of Constitution Park has not improved, raising questions about the university's commitment to maintaining its infrastructure. Numerous Vice-Chancellors have come and gone, yet the park's deterioration persists, casting a shadow on the institution's image.

As the university administration grapples with this deterioration, students and stakeholders await prompt action to restore Constitution Park to its intended glory. The challenge lies not only in financial investment but also in ensuring sustained maintenance to preserve the park's significance for the academic community.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar 

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