MLSU expects NAAC accreditation before November 20, 2023

MLSU expects NAAC accreditation before November 20, 2023


It is anticipated that MLSU will obtain NAAC accreditation before November 20, 2023. The university is eligible for B+, A+, or A accreditation. The administration has made preparations to secure an A accreditation, and in line with this, NAAC officials have visited the university for assessment.

It is noteworthy that the university is poised to achieve accreditation after a four-year endeavor. This marks a significant milestone for MLSU, reflecting the dedication and efforts of the university administration towards meeting the standards set by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council. The accreditation, once achieved, will further enhance the university's academic standing and affirm its commitment to quality education.

According to sources, this marks the third NAAC visit to the university. The initial visit took place in 2003, resulting in the university being accredited with a B+. Subsequently, a second visit occurred in 2014. Now, with the current visit, the university is striving for a higher accreditation level, aiming for an A accreditation, showcasing its continuous commitment to academic excellence and quality standards.

Attaining NAAC accreditation holds significant importance for the university, as it opens avenues for accessing various government schemes related to education. The accreditation process serves as a gateway for the university to tap into resources and support offered by governmental initiatives, ultimately enhancing the quality of education and institutional development.

Moreover, the accreditation grades obtained by the university become a noteworthy inclusion in students' marksheets. This not only validates the academic standing of the institution but also provides students with a tangible recognition of the university's commitment to excellence. These grades serve as a testament to the high standards maintained by the university in terms of infrastructure, faculty, and overall educational environment.

Beyond individual accolades, NAAC accreditation contributes to the overall reputation of the university. A positive accreditation status reflects the institution's dedication to quality education and adherence to established standards. This, in turn, bolsters the university's standing in the academic community and enhances its appeal to prospective students and stakeholders. Overall, the accreditation process is a comprehensive mechanism that not only benefits the university directly but also positively impacts the academic journey of its students and the institution's broader reputation.

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