My New Year Resolution: I Will Clear JEE Mains 2017

My New Year Resolution: I Will Clear JEE Mains 2017

Preparing in the right manner in these final months can change one’s destiny. To reap the benefit of year-long preparation depends on how well the students give the final touch to their studies

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My New Year Resolution: I Will Clear JEE Mains 2017

Those who are going to succeed in JEE Mains 2017 will wake up with the resolution of clearing JEE Mains at any cost.  With JEE Mains 2017 round the corner, aspirants appearing for the exam must gear up. Most of the candidates appearing for the exam may be preparing for the last 2 years and some even for 3 to 4 years.

Preparing in the right manner in these final months can change one’s destiny. To reap the benefits of year-long preparation depends on how well the students give the final touch to their studies.

The entrance to the IITs is in two steps: first clearing JEE Mains and then JEE Advanced.  JEE Mains dates are already declared.  Offline (Paper Pen based) exam will be conducted on April 2nd, 2017 and Online exam (Computer based) will be conducted on April 8th and 9th, 2017.  Both the pattern of exams has its own pros and cons.  Overall‘computer based’ exam has benefit over ‘paper and pen based’ exam. Sample practice paper for computer based exam is available on CBSE website for practice.

Hardly three months are remaining for the exam.Students need the fail-proof strategy to work on.  To start with, one should have confidence in oneself.   It’s rightly said “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

The key focus in the coming month should be to revise all what the students have learnt in the past two years.  The next three months study must be well planned.  Students must prepare a time table and stick to it: Time Table that caters to the students weaknesses and strengths, time table that enable students assign daily/weekly targets. Student must enroll for a good crash course program which caters both board and JEE-Mains exam. The crash course program must include a test series.  A good test series will help students develop examination temperament.

At this stage mantra for success is: “don’t go beyond the syllabus”. One must ensure that all the fundamentals are clear.  For Physics and Chemistry, students must stick to NCERT Books.  They must thoroughly practice the NCERT text book and solve the exercises rigorously.

The aspirants must start with Chemistry first.  They must mug up all the chapters of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry from NCERT book.  When they start their day fresh, they should first revise the part in which they are not comfortable.  When they get tired and the subject becomes boring, they should switch to the easy part in which they are comfortable.

Relatively more important topics subject-wise are as follows:

Physics: Dimensional Analysis, Experimental Physics, Friction, Work Energy Power, Spring mass system, Angular Momentum, Electrostatics, EMI, Radiation, Thermodynamics (Specially Adiabatic process), Bohr Atomic Model, Radio Activity, Logical Gates, Communication System.

Chemistry: Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Solid State, Solutions, Chemical Equilibirium, GOC, Hard Water, P Block Elements, Coordination chemsitry, Organic Chemistry.

Mathematics: Conic Section, Probability (Bayes Theorem: NCERT is sufficient), Quadratic Equation, Definite Integration, Differential Equation, Vector, 3D Geometry, Complex Number, Limits.

To improve examination temperament, one must practice one test daily.  The main focus in daily test must not be on the marks but on the time taken to solve each question and the approach taken. Once he has achieved the target of solving easy question in a minutes time, he must try to solve mid difficulty level questions in two to three minutes time.  Above all, he should develop the capability to identify questions of higher difficulty level and attempt them at the end of the test with surety. If he is not sure to get answer of the difficult questions, he should be wise enough to leave it unresponsed.  Negative marking can really pull down one’s rank.  He must watch out for number of wrongly attempted questions and try to bring that number down.  Also, he should solve previous year question papers once in a week. When he is done with his board examinations, he should try to analyze his preparation on the basis of the test series he has been attempting.  He must fill those loopholes of his weak points and keep in touch with all important formulae.

Once he has developed the required pace while attempting the question paper, he has already won the race halfway. The final hammering is on the exam day.  In the exam he must make sure to attempt questions in a proper manner.  It is meaningless to prepare well for the exam and finally end-up giving the exam improperly.  He must keep the mind cool.  He must make a bottom up approach:

  1. More often, students waste time in the exam pondering over questions that only well-versed students can solve. One should expect that there will be at least 50 % questions that would only test basic knowledge and that’s where he can score.  He must identify the easy questions by browsing the question paper. He should read the question carefully and be clear what is being asked in the question. Negative marks will only decrease his score and rank.  He must attempt those questions about which he is sure.  One should never ever get stuck on a single problem.
  2. One should attempt Chemistry first.  It will help to develop the momentum.  He must try to finish the Chemistry paper in 45 minutes.
  3. After that he should attempt the subject in which he is strong.  He should try to finish this paper in one hour.
  4. In the last,he should attempt his weak subject in 1 hour.

One must ensure to finish the paper 15 minutes earlier. In the last 15 minutes he must ensure that OMR is completely filled and then he should give the final attempt to those left out questions, which the candidate believes he can solve.

Author: Ghazanfer Ali

Disclaimer: The views expressed above are of the Author alone.

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