NCERT: Certain topics from Mathematics and Science have been removed from the syllabus

NCERT: Certain topics from Mathematics and Science have been removed from the syllabus 

According to NCERT deletion of these topics won't affect a student's overall studies in Maths and Science 

NCERT removed various subjects

Academics and Educators are giving mixed reactions to this 

NCERT has now deleted some topics of Mathematics and Science as well. According to the sources, recently, major portions of History pertaining to the Mughals, the Delhi Sultanate, Gandhi’s assassination and the Gujarat riots are removed from the syllabus. Now the key concepts in Maths and science could potentially lead to learning gaps in students. 

‘Euclid’s Division Lemma’ and ‘Vector Algebra’ from Mathematics and ‘The Reproductive System’ from Biology have been deleted. The changes will take effect in the current academic session. Academics and educators are not satisfied with the changes as they are worried that the deletions in Maths and Science will affect student’s fundamental understanding of the subjects. They believe that it could have a significant impact on competitive examinations such as JEE, NEET and NATA. 

“The CBSE curriculum is the standard for several entrance exams in the country. While the board has been diluting the syllabus for sometime now, the level of difficulty of such exams has not been reduced in parity. The deletion of these concepts will not only impact their knowledge for these exams but the topics removed from Class 10 books will make the students unable to prove the theorems of several Class 11 and 12 concepts.” - Parbodh Bamba, a teacher at Delhi’s St Francis de Sales School.

According to the sources, concepts like ‘Proof of Pythagoras Theorem’, Quadratic Equations and geometry have also been removed from Class 10 Mathematics. Faraday’s Law on Electromagnetic Induction and Periodic Classification of elements have been dropped. 

Topics like ‘Binomial Theorem’, application of ‘Sine’ and ‘Cosine’ formula and exercises on ‘Linear Inequalities’ have been dropped from mathematics. Other sections like Division Algorithm for Polynomials, Pair of Linear Equations in two Variables, Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles and many more sections also stand deleted. 

Schools are adapting different measures to ensure that the student learning goes unhampered but without adding to their burden, in order to deal with the situation. According to the educators, these concepts will continue to be taught in schools but students won’t be assessed on them. 

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