Periodic Table Recitation…a World Record blindfolded

Periodic Table Recitation…a World Record blindfolded

students st Sagwara recited the Periodic Table of elements in 34.69 seconds while blindfolded, setting a record

Periodic Table Recitation…a World Record blindfolded
Learning (Science) is fun especially when we have a great ability pool.  While we can just keep shouting over lack of facilities, system failures, lack of foundation etc, we’d still get a kick out of the chance to endeavor through obstacles and focus on capacity advancement, regardless of what we have

says Jayesh Bhatt, Chemistry teacher from Udaipur, whose students st Sagwara  recited the Periodic Table of elements in 34.69 seconds while blindfolded, setting a record.  Jayesh is currently also pursuing his PhD in Chemistry from Pacific University, Udaipur.

Excerpts from an interaction with Jayesh…

Periodic Table of Elements…tell us something about it…

Chemistry is everywhere. All the things around us are basically atoms.  We live in a huge  sea of electrons, atoms, and elements.  Periodic Table is the orderly tabular arrangement of these elements based on their atomic number, chemical properties and electronic configuration, which makes it convenient for us to study them.  It’s a blend of Science and creativity making it the most powerful tool in Chemistry.

Periodic Table Recitation…a World Record blindfolded

Tell us something about this record…

In today’s world of competition, students appearing for board exams, competitive exams like IIT, PMT, AIIMS, etc, they need to remember and practice various tables, formulas, concepts and their applications in Chemistry. I have always loved to teach Chemistry by applying memory techniques like Mnemonics, The Link Method, The Journey Method, The Memory Palace, etc. with modern teaching practices using digital platforms.  We are also planning to launch a  YouTube channel ”LetUsChemistry”. Periodic Table Recitation…a World Record blindfolded Last year when I was working as Post Graduate teacher of Chemistry at M.P.I.A, Sagwara, Rajasthan. I was teaching Modern Periodic table to class 11th students, I discovered  that students were able to recite periodic table within few seconds using simple memory techniques.  This is when a thought struck me  and I posted a video shoot of the students Bhavini Joshi and Garima Joshi of Class 11th at and to our surprise it got approved by the title of “Fastest Time For Two People To Recite The Periodic Table Of Elements While Blindfolded” which is recited in just a 34.69 seconds.

We cry about lack of system in place, poor infrastructure, inadequate resources. India has a huge talent pool both in rural and urban areas, with the proper guidance, we can easily set out standards at world level if we positively we set out to achieve our goals. The main thing is to focus on what we have rather than what we don’t .

What is your message to students…

I would advice them to be convergent as well as divergent depending on the situation at hand.  They need to plan much in advance and device strategies separately for their Board exams as well as Competitive Exams.  Regular revision is required to improve speed, accuracy and strengthen weak areas.  Prepare under a well established time table…Hard Work beats Talent, when Talent doesn’t work hard.

The world record can be viewed at

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