Podcast polpularity soars in the field of Journalism

Podcast polpularity soars in the field of Journalism

Podcasts offer journalists an alternative format to present news and tell stories

Journalism and Podcast
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How digital media is becoming first priority among Journalism students?

Journalism students are switching from traditional to digital media as a result of the development of the 5G network and the information age. With the growing popularity of podcasts, students are also attempting to learn how to combine digital activities with radio.

Whether you're interested in news, storytelling, comedy, education, self-improvement, true crime, technology, or any other subject, you can find podcasts that cater to your specific preferences. Podcasts have played a significant role in journalism and have provided several benefits to the industry. Here are some ways in which podcasts have helped journalism:

Podcasts offer journalists an alternative format to present news and tell stories. It allows for more in-depth coverage, analysis, and storytelling compared to traditional news articles or broadcasts. Journalists can utilize podcasts to explore complex topics, provide context, and engage listeners in a more immersive and intimate way. 

Podcasts have given a platform to journalists and commentators who may have been underrepresented in traditional media. Independent podcasters and smaller media organizations can produce content that explores unique perspectives, uncovers untold stories, or challenges the mainstream narrative. This diversity of voices enriches the journalism landscape and fosters a more inclusive and robust media ecosystem.

“Students want to build their career in online media because it has a lot of scope. The time has gone when politicians and leaders conveyed their messages through radio. Now, they directly go online to reach the masses within seconds. Amid Covid, people have to shift to online platforms. Students are preparing themselves for the future if such a situation recurs.” - Palak Gupta, Journalism student. 

Podcasts facilitate direct engagement with the audience. Listeners can leave comments, provide feedback, and participate in discussions, creating a sense of community and fostering a closer relationship between journalists and their audience. This interaction can help journalists gauge public sentiment, identify relevant stories, and refine their reporting based on audience interests and feedback.

“If we talk about media, students are aware of the rise in digital media, everything is easily available there. I have done an internship in radio. I have watched many podcasts on YouTube, but a surprising element still exists on the radio. As of now, I am preparing for radio and online mode together.” - Palak Gupta, a Journalism student. 

“There is a conversion which is evident. But if there is only digital media, other platforms will vanish. People keep experimenting with new things. AI can be used to identify resources, fact check and blockchain. Media is becoming an amalgamation and conversion idea, where everything is converging.” - Sudhi Rajeev, Vice Chancellor

Source: Times Of India


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