Reopening of Schools Deferred in Rajasthan

Reopening of Schools Deferred in Rajasthan

The announcements about the re-opening of schools invited a lot of criticism and protests from parents.

The Rajasthan government's decision regarding the reopening of schools on 2nd August has invited parents' wrath.

Following this, the government has been forced to withdraw its decision. 

It was only a day ago that the government of Rajasthan decided about the reopening of schools on 2nd August. The government’s decision angered a lot of parents and the wrath resulted in protests. Following all the criticism and the protests, the government stepped back and withdrew its decision of reopening of the schools in Rajasthan. No schools will now re-open on 2nd August.

The wrath of parents can be well understood. With the WHO alerting the masses about the third wave in August, it was really not fair on part of the government to announce the reopening of schools. The parents gave a sensible reason and stated that schools should not be reopened till all are vaccinated. Since the third wave is not very far, the schools should not resume offline classes.

The parents also said that if the state government stands its decision of reopening of schools, then lakhs of parents will fight at every level. The government has now decided to form a 5-member committee to decide on the reopening of schools and for the formulation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Under all circumstances, it must be assured that each and every staff member and the other employees of the schools are well vaccinated before the schools resume classes. If even one single employee of the educational institute is not vaccinated, it can result in the others getting infected ultimately multiplying the covid chain.

The major point to be kept in mind is that NO VACCINATION, NO SCHOOLS. VACCINATION is the only way to safety.

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