Roadmap preparation started for selected PM Shri schools in Rajasthan

Roadmap preparation started for selected PM Shri schools in Rajasthan

402 selected PM Shri schools in Rajasthan...

PM Shri School

The State Education Department is currently formulating a roadmap for the implementation of the PM Shri Schools initiative before the commencement of the next academic session. It is noteworthy that a significant number of schools in Rajasthan have been chosen to participate in this scheme. Specifically, 402 government schools in Rajasthan have been selected for this program.

The implementation of this initiative is expected to elevate the overall quality of education in the state. As model schools, they will serve as beacons of excellence, paving the way for improved educational outcomes across Rajasthan.

To enhance the educational infrastructure, each of the selected schools is set to undergo significant upgrades, with a dedicated fund allocation of Rs 2 crore per school. Within this budget, 30% of the funds can be utilized for civil works, focusing on improving the physical infrastructure of the schools. Additionally, a substantial 40% of the allocated amount will be directed towards project innovation, fostering creative and forward-thinking educational initiatives.

The State Education Department has ambitious plans to introduce vocational education in these selected schools, aiming to provide students with practical skills that align with real-world demands. Furthermore, a comprehensive plan is in place to equip all schools with modern technology, including the installation of smart classrooms. This initiative is designed to enhance the learning environment and ensure students have access to cutting-edge educational resources. In line with prioritizing the safety of students and staff, the department also plans to install CCTV cameras across all selected schools. 

The comprehensive plan for school transformation extends to creating environmentally friendly spaces by incorporating LED lights and promoting green initiatives. These include the implementation of digital libraries and the integration of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and other digital initiatives to enhance the overall learning experience.

The initiative goes further to equip schools with modern tools such as tablets, fostering a technologically advanced educational environment. To address environmental sustainability, rainwater harvesting facilities and the installation of solar plants are also part of the plan, ensuring a greener and more energy-efficient school infrastructure.

The focus on practical learning is emphasized through the establishment of science labs, language labs, and social science labs. This approach aims to provide students with hands-on experiences across various disciplines, promoting a well-rounded education.

Moreover, the plan incorporates a gender equity initiative by introducing facilities like sanitary pad vending machines. Recognizing the importance of mental health, counselling services for students are also integrated as part of broader initiatives to ensure holistic development.

Source: Times Of India


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