Students make bricks from slurry and garbage

Students make bricks from slurry and garbage

Students of Techno NJR made bricks with marble slurry and plastic waste.

Students make bricks from slurry and garbage BEST OUT OF WASTE  

A group of engineering students have made bricks from marble slurry, plastic garbage and sand. These bricks are much economical and stronger than the ones made in brick kiln.

Engineering students of civil branch from Techno NJR Engineering College have succeeded in their experiment of creating bricks, tree guards and paver blocks. These students have been awarded by National Design and Research Forum (NDRF) for their unique ideas. Team leader Lokesh Puri Goswami was awarded silver medal by NDRF.

The students Lokesh Puri Goswami, Kundan Gorana, Mohit Wadhwani, Harshit Jaroli, Kamlesh Kumar and Sachin Goyal have also designed their marketing techniques for launching these products in the market under the guidance of Dr. Pankaj Porwal. The business plan has been awarded with first prize of 45 thousand rupees by Business Idea Competition Stupreneurs of State.

As per team leader Lokesh Puri Goswami, marble slurry and plastic bottles and containers are a blotch on the city’s beauty. These not only disturb the beauty of city but also pollute to a great extent. Now with the new experiment rising to the level of success, this garbage and slurry will be put to a better use.

Techno NJR had a program in which students of various engineering colleges participated. The above mentioned students saw lots of plastic bottles lying scattered on college ground during this program. This is where the idea of putting them to use flashed in their minds.

 Initially they thought of creating a wall by filling the plastic bottles with marble slurry and sand. This idea did not turn out well. They tried to melt the bottles moulding them in shape of brick by filling sand inside. Even this experiment didn’t work out as expected. After this they tried melting bottles and blended the material with marble slurry and sand. This is how they got the desired results. Their experiment was applauded by all.

Udaipur region has lots of marble mines and marble slurry is in abundance, this experiment can succeed to a great extent. Plastic waste can be seen dumped everywhere. All can be combined to make bricks, tree guards and paver blocks and the city can be kept clean and pollution free.

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