The Mystery of an IIM

The Mystery of an IIM

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Study in an IIM or getting a tag of "IIM" is a dream of many. More than 2 Lacs students each year appear for CAT, and only a handful of them finally make it to the top institutes (Dream B schools). Getting into a top B school is undoubtedly challenging; however, to survive the B school journey is tougher.

A Bird's eye view on the life of students at top B schools in India:

MTV Roadies like journey in the initial days

Now, as a kid, I used to watch MTV Roadies very enthusiastically because it as a show had to provide a lot of things. Challenges, fights, mysteries, politics, anger, friendships, teamwork. It was a power pack show for me. Never in my dreams, I imagined that I would also go through a similar kind of experience when I join a B school. The induction program conducted by seniors is nothing less than Roadies, and it puts you under equal mental and physical pressure. I completely remember sleeping for only 3-4 hours for the first fifteen days.

The decision to select a club/committee

Soon after joining a B school, students get an option to apply for different clubs and committees, and the selection process varies across the colleges. It is better to interact with some alumni/seniors before choosing a club or committee because the importance of any club and committee differs in different colleges.

Summer Internships

After 2-3 months of joining, students are bombarded with the decision to choose the companies they want to apply for their internships. Preparation for Summer Internships is essential, and it becomes even more critical when your dream company only hires through the Summer Internship route.


The first year in an MBA program gives an overview of all the possible fields in business management, and students are free to choose their majors in the second year. So, it is a good idea to take all the subjects in the first year seriously. Many will say that "grades don't matter," which is, in fact, true. However, there is no harm in maintaining good grades. 

"As a thumb rule, always go for a good professor instead of a good subject."


The main benefit of joining an IIM of good B school is the kind of experience they provide. The advantage of attending a campus is unmatchable. It will not only help you to grow professionally but also on the personal front. The count of friends you will have at the end of this journey will be your real wealth. Therefore, outside the classrooms, participating in events and other activities becomes vital to build those relationships. All these events are organized at a national level and are entirely managed by the students. Managing events can give a hands-on experience of managing a business.

Final Placements

It becomes comparatively easy to decide a company for final placements compared to summer Internships because students already have little experience working at the management position in a company. After doing an internship, it gives students an idea of the kind of job they need for full time. There could be multiple factors for deciding a job like interest, pay, culture, location, etc. and there is no right or wrong. 

I hope this article has given you some idea on the IIM way of life. Of course, every journey has some moment of joy and, on the other side, is full of challenges. It is on us how can we pivot on those challenges, and therefore I have also written a book titled "The Mystery of an IIM" to help and handhold MBA aspirants and students to come out of this journey with flying colors. If you have just entered a B school or aspire to do it in the future, it is a perfect read for you. You can grab a copy from Amazon or Flipkart.

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