Udaipur's education ranking shows significant improvement, climbing from 31st to 25th position

Udaipur's education ranking shows significant improvement, climbing from 31st to 25th position

The education department's rankings are typically based on various factors...


The recent improvements in the education department's ranking of Udaipur district are indeed commendable. During the month of June, Udaipur demonstrated significant progress by advancing 6 places and securing the 25th position in the rankings. This achievement is particularly noteworthy as it marks a substantial improvement from the district's previous rank of 31st in the month of May. The dedicated efforts of educators, administrators, and students in Udaipur have evidently paid off, leading to the district's enhanced performance. The positive trend indicates a commitment to enhancing the quality of education and academic outcomes within the region.

On the other hand, Rajsamand district has emerged as the top-performing district in the entire state. This district has achieved the first position in the rankings, showcasing exemplary performance and excellence in various educational parameters. Rajsamand's achievement is especially noteworthy as it has managed to outshine all other districts in the state, showcasing a remarkable level of dedication and proficiency. The education department's rankings are typically based on various factors such as academic results, infrastructure, teacher-student ratios, access to resources, and other educational indicators. By securing the highest score in the state, Rajsamand district has proven its ability to provide a conducive and supportive environment for its students' academic growth.

Both Udaipur and Rajsamand districts achievements reflect the collective efforts of the local communities, educational institutions, and the government in fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning and academic excellence. These positive developments bode well for the future of education in these districts and the overall educational landscape of the state.

According to the monthly rankings released by the Rajasthan School Education Council, Bhilwara currently holds the second position, while Ganganagar district secures the third place. These rankings are based on various parameters and indicate the performance of the districts. 

Top 10 Districts in District Based Ranking

  •  Rajsamand 52.81
  •  Bhilwara 49.85
  •  Ganganagar 49.73
  •  Hanumangarh 48.11
  •  Jhalawar 46.8
  •  Pratapgarh 46.09
  •  Karauli 40.16
  •  Dungarpur 38.37
  •  Churu 35.00
  • Jaipur 34.53

In the education department's ranking, Pratapgarh district secured a place in the top 10, specifically standing in the sixth position. Rajsamand district also performed well, claiming the sixth position with a score of 52.81. Pratapgarh followed closely with a score of 46.09. Dungarpur achieved the eighth rank, earning a score of 38.37. However, Chittorgarh district obtained the 13th position with a score of 32.72, while Banswara ranked 24th with a score of 29.39. Udaipur district stood in the 25th position in the state with a score of 29.32. These rankings are indicative of the respective districts' performance based on the assessment of various parameters.

Ranking is based on these parameters

The education department has established four categories for the monthly ranking, with a total allocation of 150 marks for these categories. Among these, 100 marks are dedicated to academic rank, 20 marks for enrollment, another 20 marks for community participation, and 10 marks for basic facilities. Within the educational category, a total of 7 points are considered. These points are further subdivided as follows: 3 points each for enrollment and community participation, and 2 points for basic facilities.

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