Udaipur soars to top 5 in School Education Ranking

Udaipur soars to top 5 in School Education Ranking

The unexpected surge of 29th positions in just 2 months

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Every month the rankings are released

In the realm of school education, Udaipur has made a remarkable turnaround by earning a spot in the top 5 of the Shala Darpan Rankings for October. This achievement comes after a string of consistently poor performances over the previous 8 months. Impressively, Udaipur now holds the fourth position in these rankings. What is particularly fascinating and cause for celebration is the unexpected surge of 29th positions in just two months. To put this in perspective, in August, Udaipur languished at the 33rd position, marking the lowest in the entire state. However, by September, it had significantly improved, climbing to the 11th position.

The School Education Board's portal releases monthly rankings based on the available data. Within the top 10 districts, Udaipur stands out with three districts hailing from the Banswara division. Notably, Dungarpur, a district in the Banswara division, has surpassed Udaipur, securing a place among the top 3 districts. In the Udaipur division, Rajsamand takes the 10th position, followed by Chittorgarh at the 15th position, Pratapgarh at the 18th, and Banswara at the 27th.

On a broader state level, Churu claims the top position, with Hanumangarh closely following as the second-ranking district. It's important to highlight that, in these rankings, Banswara, Dungarpur, and Pratapgarh districts are still categorized within the Udaipur division, showcasing a promising trend of improvement within this region. This shift in educational performance reflects positive developments in these districts over the past months, marking a significant change in the educational landscape.

Rankings are based on these factors

The ranking is established through an assessment of various factors within the department. These criteria encompass several key aspects, such as the number of coins earned on the app, the count of inspired award-winning students, and the average attendance concerning enrollment. Additionally, the performance in board examinations is evaluated, with a focus on achieving 4 or 5-star ratings. The growth in enrollment and the percentage of electrified panchayats also play a significant role in the rankings.

Furthermore, the presence of parents in Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) is considered, as well as information pertaining to the library's book collection. Public participation verification, the functioning of School Management and School Development Committees (SMSC-SDMC) meetings, the presence of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) labs, and the condition of sports fields are additional elements taken into account. These diverse criteria provide a comprehensive evaluation of the educational performance and facilities in the region.

Udaipur has achieved a commendable position in the education rankings, as indicated by the provided data. These statistics highlight the district's determination and commitment to enhancing its educational standards, ultimately contributing to its elevated position in the education rankings. 

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