State Education Rankings: Udaipur reached from 33rd to 11th position

State Education Rankings: Udaipur reached from 33rd to 11th position

Impact of the workshop on Udaipur's educational performance


In August, Udaipur district was ranked 33rd in the state's Education Department rankings. However, through the efforts of the District Ranking Enhancement Workshop, the district significantly improved its performance and climbed to the 11th position in September. This remarkable achievement highlights the positive impact of the workshop on Udaipur's educational performance.

Udaipur division's Rajasamand district has consistently held the third position, while the Dungarpur district has maintained its fourth-place ranking. It's important to note that these rankings are issued on a monthly basis by the Rajasthan School Education Board, with district performance being assessed using a variety of criteria. This ongoing performance demonstrates the districts' sustained efforts and achievements in the education sector.

In the top 10 rankings of the Udaipur division, Rajasamand and Dungarpur districts have consistently featured. Rajasamand has secured the third position, while Dungarpur has maintained its fourth-place standing. In addition to these districts, Chittorgarh holds the 20th position, Banswara is at 21st, and Pratapgarh ranks 23rd.

To address performance improvement, notices were issued last month to five Chief Block Education Officers (CBEOs), citing the reasons for their respective rankings. Furthermore, Mahendra Jain, the Chief District Education Officer, took proactive measures to enhance district performance. 

He organized a three-day District Ranking Enhancement Workshop, during which operational work on the Shala Darpan initiative was carried out. Jain also made dedicated efforts to ensure that his block, Bhinder, remained at the top of the rankings among the CBEOs. These efforts underline a commitment to improving educational outcomes in the Udaipur division. 

It serves as an inspiring example of how targeted initiatives can lead to substantial positive changes within a relatively short timeframe, ultimately benefitting the students and the educational community as a whole.


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