UNESCO and NCERT launch groundbreaking comic book breaking stereotypes

UNESCO and NCERT launch groundbreaking comic book breaking stereotypes

The book is for schoolchildren...


A special comic book called "Let’s Move Forward" has been made by UNESCO Delhi, NCERT, and the Union Ministry of Education. This book talks about some important things. It says that boys can cook and help their moms in the kitchen. Girls can play cricket, and everyone, including transgender people, should be treated with the same respect. Teasing someone because of their gender is not okay.

The comic book is meant for schoolchildren to teach them about these ideas and break stereotypes. It wants everyone to understand that everyone is equal, no matter their gender.

The comic book covers eleven important topics to help you navigate life. It talks about staying healthy as you grow up, taking care of your emotions and mental well-being, building good relationships with others, understanding values, promoting gender equality, maintaining good hygiene and health, avoiding substance abuse, learning about reproductive health and preventing HIV, managing menstrual hygiene, staying safe from sexual violence, understanding internet safety and using social media responsibly. 

“Good health is a pre-requisite for national development. Therefore, the health and well-being of adolescents is the topmost priority in nation-building efforts. Education and health are inextricably linked and schools are ideal setting for both health education and health promotion initiatives. They need to be addressed in school curriculum and pedagogy.” - Dharmendra Pradhan, the Union Minister for Education. 

The 32-page comic book is now available on the Union Ministry of Education's website for students to read. It advises children not to believe misleading ads for beauty products or bodybuilding supplements, as these can harm their health.

The comic book teaches school leaders that it is important to have ramps and facilities that are accessible for children with disabilities. The comic books cover various important health topics like reproductive health, taking care during menstruation, avoiding the use of unclean sanitary napkins, and raising awareness about HIV, among other things. 


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