10 minutes with Karan Oberoi - the most stylish model

10 minutes with Karan Oberoi - the most stylish model

I would say, that Udaipur is such a beautiful place to go for walks and runs. So, take the advantage of the view and go out for running, which is the best form of cardio - Karan Oberoi
10 minutes with Karan Oberoi - the most stylish model

Karan Oberoi also referred by his initials KO, popular fashion and fitness model slaying year after year with his looks. The leading model who is known today for his style and physique, goes to gym every day because he somewhere believes that it’s important to treat one’s body as a temple. He believes that it should be everyone’s prime duty to eat good, give appropriate rest to the body and workout daily, as ‘heathy is the true wealth’ and it should be given utmost importance. In this exclusive 10-minute chat with the model, we learnt not just about model Karan Oberoi’s fitness mantra, but also what makes him look so desirable all the time. He is the only male model in the country who has slayed every possible look when it comes to being creative and playing with his hair, from short hair to braids to long wavy hair, he has pulled off everything with a swag, which can be seen all over the internet with more than two thousand pictures.

What tip do you want to give to your fans from one of your favourite cities – Udaipur?

KO: One tip I want to give to my fans is to avoid eating Laal Maas (Hahaha), it is my favourite things to have when I am in Udaipur, but jokes apart, red meat is to be avoided at all times. I would say, that Udaipur is such a beautiful place to go for walks and runs. In cities like Mumbai and Delhi, the pollution takes away the fun of running, therefore limiting running to the gym’s treadmill, which is extremely boring. So, take the advantage of the view and go out for running, which is the best form of cardio.

What does fitness mean to Karan “KO” Oberoi?

KO: Fitness to me is a lifestyle which is more about looking good and vibrant than just having a muscular physique with perfect 6 pack abs but also being perfectly healthy inside out. Fitness to me is eating right, working out right and resting right.

What does Karan Oberoi mean when he says eat right?

KO: Eating right doesn’t restrict to eating high protein diet, more than anything else it means eating food that are rich in wheat and fibre. Avoiding junk food, high sugary and salty food and food with high saturated fats like red meat (Laal Maas).  I have an addiction of going to gym every day and eating right food and most importantly staying away from all sort of vices including alcohol, smoking cigarettes & consuming drugs. It is also very important to include green vegetables such as spinach and citrus fruits such as oranges and strawberries in your diet that helps in detoxifying the body.

Who do Karan Oberoi thinks is fittest in Bollywood?

KO: Honestly as I mentioned earlier, fitness doesn’t restrict to 6 pack abs. In my opinion Akshay Kumar is one man who is the fittest among all because what I know of him is that he doesn’t involve himself in any of the vices, he eats right and works out every day.

What is your take on steroid abuse?

KO: In my opinion steroids should not be taken as the body made with the help of steroids doesn’t last long and has many side effects such as hair loss, mental problems and worsening skin conditions. Therefore, we all should try not to take steroids and rather be patient, more hardworking and disciplined to get the right physique that lasts long.

Majority of young men in India struggle to get a body like a model, can you tell us how can young men in Udaipur have a body like you?

KO: To have a body like a male model it’s all about looking lean and muscular at the same time. In fact, if you wish to be a fashion model, you don’t need a muscular body, just a lean physique without any cuts is what is desired by the designers. On the other hand, if you want to be a fitness model one definitely needs to have a body that is not just muscular but also good and attractive to look at which differentiates them from bodybuilders.

If someone desires to have 6 packs abs really fast, is it possible?

KO: Why not, if you have a flat stomach you just need to be disciplined in your dietary habits and need to do lot of running as running helps in improving skin quality and helps abs to be easily visible.

Who inspired Karan “KO” Oberoi to get a body that he has achieved today?

KO: In my initial years I was struggling to have a lean and muscular physique and was lacking motivation. One day I saw "Rocky" starring Sylvester Stallone on HBO. After watching for a few minutes it quickly grabbed my interest. This movie inspired me to the extent that I started running 20 kms every day at 4 am in the morning. Therefore, Sylvester is a real inspiration to me and I consider him as my fitness role model.

5 important workout that should not be ignored by our young aspiring men in Udaipur to look fit all year around?

KO: In today’s time there are endless techniques and such varied workout options, that it is difficult to choose 5. In my knowledge, these 5 workout techniques are roots of bodybuilding that should not be ignored by aspiring models from Udaipur:

  • Pushups
  • Pull-ups or chin-ups
  • Parallel bar dips 
  • Running
  • Stretching

These 5 things should always be there in your fitness schedule to look the best.

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