10 Most Unusual Jobs

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Some do jobs for need, some for fun and some in lack of any other option. In this curious world one has lots of things to explore and same applies for the job which may get weird, unusual or dirty. Want to know how, then read further about some of the world's most unconventional jobs.


Some do jobs for need, some for fun and some in lack of any other option. In this curious world one has lots of things to explore and same applies for the job which may get weird, unusual or dirty. Want to know how, then read further about some of the world’s most unconventional jobs.

Chocolate Engineer

10 Most Unusual Jobs

If you love designing things and have fantasy towards being an engineer then separate yourself from race by being Chocolate Engineer. Here you have not to deal with heavy machineries and tools, all one has to do is design and make chocolates. The job of a chocolate engineer is to create an assortment of delicious chocolate recipes. Isn’t it a lovely job but one has to keep control on tongue while designing them!!!

Island Caretaker

10 Most Unusual Jobs

What can be the best job other than living in all natural milieus!!! This exotic job has its own demands though which includes exploring the islands and to discover what the area has to offer. One has to be smart in some fundamental skills including general carpentry, plumbing, gardening skills, communication skills, management skills and above all adventurous attitude. Each island is unique, so requirements differ for upkeep. Nowadays, many private island owners hire caretakers to look after their islands.Mind you, this may be interesting but can be lonely too!!

Tea Taster

10 Most Unusual Jobs

It is one of the specialized professions in tea industry in which quality of tea is examined. You and I probably will not realize the difference in taste but these professionals with their sharp taste buds will not only identify the kind of fragrance but also the content. Tea being an everlasting beverage has numerous effects on body and that where value of Tea Taster lies.

Alarm!! It’s pretty tough when one has to taste several hundred of samples in a single day!!!

Crime Scene Cleaner

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Specialized training, knowledge of deep cleaning equipment, attention to detail and above all valiant guts are mark up of Crime Scene Cleaner. A crime scene cleaner clears up the mess after the dirty offenses took place which may include cleaning of damage to walls, doors, stains of blood, bones or body parts. It is one of the dirtiest jobs in the world which may even lead to emotional disorders but someone has to do it after all.

Not for any emotional or timid persons please!!!

Hot Walker

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Blood heat has to be cooled down after horses finishes up the race to save them from shocks or kidney damage. The person who does this is the Hot Walker. His main work is to calm down horses right after the races by giving them rounds in slow paces. Besides some general training and education one should genuinely be a horse lover.

Do hot walk with horse and save their lives!!!

Gum Buster

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Have ever got that yuck feeling when you sat at public bench and an unwanted gum got sticked to your hand? Well, some guys are there to help you out from stucking in such situations, they are Gum Busters. This people get out gums from public places being in this sticky job.

Be cautious while playing pranks by gum, someone may bust you too!!!!

Cartoon Mascots

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Recently “Shera”, CWG mascot brought fun and resemblance in sporty fever. Have ever thought there is a person inside these entertaining figures who are loved by everyone. This interesting job to spread love with jolly faces and gestures especially among children is soul satisfying. But it is not that easy as it sounds, it needs lots of stamina to carry heavy suits, dance, do acrobats and entertain all the time.

Have guts to get in stuffy and hot mascots suits?? If yes, then come and play!!

Fortune Cookies Writer

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Many of you might have tried out virtual fortune cookies at Facebook, but these are actual yummy cookies baked with a fortune note inside it. Writing these fortunes for fortune cookie companies is actually a great way to earn. All one need is smart and creative imagination which can find fortune in small walks of life.

If you want to be a Fortune Cookie Writer than your fortune has already begun I guess!!!!

Whiskey Ambassador

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Yes you guessed right!! You will be paid for tasting whiskeys and recommending them as per their quality. This job is to choose finest whiskeys and to spread knowledge regarding differentiating attributes to select best liquor.

Though one should have strong liver to grab this job!!!!

Pet Psychic

10 Most Unusual Jobs

Pet psychics are animal communicators who by their telepathy techniques try to learn animal’s unsaid emotions. This job is preferably for animal lovers who find comfort in spending time with them. It does not actually need only formal training; all it need is care, love and understanding of body language.

Try to speak to your pets, you may guess their response!!

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