A Detailed Overview of the Snakes and Ladder Game

A Detailed Overview of the Snakes and Ladder Game

A Detailed Overview of the Snakes and Ladder Game

The snakes and ladders board game is a top-tier indoor game that is played by millions of users all around the globe. The classic game came into existence many centuries ago, but thanks to its exceptional features and fun gameplay, it has managed to maintain its popularity till today.

This article will shed light on different aspects of the classic board game, including how enthusiasts can indulge in the game, how the game came into existence, its gameplay, etc. Let us dive right into it:

History of the Snakes and Ladders Board Game

The snakes and ladders game came into existence many centuries ago in India. It originated as an integral part of a specific family of Indian dice board games. The said collection of dice games also featured prominent names like Pachisi. 

The game originated in ancient India as Moksha Patam. From there, the game traveled to different parts of the world. For starters, it traveled to Britain, where it got the name “Snakes and Ladders.” Thanks to its exceptional features and gameplay, it became a hit among the masses.

From there, the game traveled to the United States of America, where it was popularized as “Chutes and Ladders” by Milton Bradley. The term “Snakes” was replaced with “Chutes” because Milton felt that the former term would scare children away.

Shatranj al- ‘urafa was another variation of the game that became highly popular in countries with Muslim-majority populations like Turkey and Iran. It represented the Dervish’s quest to renounce the mortal world’s trappings and achieve the ultimate union with God.

Different Ways of Indulging in Snakes and Ladders

There are two primary ways enthusiasts can indulge in snakes and ladders - in the conventional offline or virtual online mode. When it comes to the offline mode of playing ludo, individuals need a physical game board along with playing pieces and dice to get started. Moreover, players need to be physically present to start playing matches.

On the other hand, when it comes to playing snakes and ladders in the online mode, individuals do not need to be physically present to get started. To play snakes and ladders online, interested individuals simply need a robust online snakes and ladders game paired with a reliable Internet connection. As compared to the conventional method, the virtual mode of playing snakes and ladders is far more beneficial, which is why the latter is preferred by most snakes and ladders fans.

The Objective of Snakes and Ladders

Every individual who wishes to indulge in snakes and ladders games must be familiar with the game’s primary objective. The main aim of every player in a snakes and ladders match is to become the first player whose playing pieces or tokens reach their respective base first. To do so, they must ensure that their playing piece reaches the 100th square first.

How to Play Snakes and Ladders

Like all other board games, snakes and ladders are also played in a specific way. Here is a detailed snakes and ladders guide for individuals who wish to start indulging in the snakes and ladders game:

  1. Since a snakes and ladders match involves multiplayers, players first establish the order of playing, i.e., they need to decide which player gets the first turn. An effective way to do this is for every player to roll the die. The player who obtains the highest number gets to play first, followed by the participants on their left, and so on.
  1. After the order of playing has been decided, players need to start rolling the die when their turn comes. To get started and move past the first square, players need to roll a 6. Then, depending on their roll, they should move their token on the board.
  1. The game board is filled with snakes and ladders. If a player lands on the starting point of a snake, they should move their pieces to the top end of the ladder. However, if they land on a snake’s head, they should place the token at the block where the snake’s tail ends.
  1. Players must land on the final or the 100th square to defeat opponents. Even though it sounds simple, it is pretty tough since just before the final blocks, there is a long snake, and most players often get bitten by it and are demoted to a lower block.

Effective Snakes and Ladders Tips

Although snakes and ladders is a luck-based game, there are specific tips and tricks that help players. Here is a brief look at some of the most effective ones:

  • Players should avoid landing on the mouth of snakes since doing so demotes them to a lower square or block. In offline ludo matches, they can try doing so by rolling the die properly to not obtain an unfavorable number.
  • Every player should attempt to land on the blocks featuring the starting points of stairs. Doing so will facilitate them to move closer to the final block quickly.
  • In certain variations of snakes and ladders, players can eliminate the tokens of their opponents by landing on them, just like in ludo matches. Hence, if the match’s rules allow this, players should attempt to eliminate their opponents’ tokens whenever possible.

The snakes and ladders is a fun and exciting board game suitable for individuals of all ages. Any enthusiast who wishes to know all about the fun game should refer to the points mentioned above.

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