Adventure tourism attracts tourists to Lake City

Adventure tourism attracts tourists to Lake City

Adventure tourism is the main point of attraction for tourists.

Adventure tourism attracts tourists to Lake City

Adventure tourism is the magnet that is attracting tourists to Udaipur even more.

Tourists are more thrilled when they learn that Udaipur now has adventure tourism to add to its charm. People are more attracted to adventure than anything else. Trekking, zig-zag, wooden trail etc. adventure activities have become a hot favourite among both youth and children.

The bio-diversity park near the city has zip-line, wooden trail, zig-zag and other such thrill based activities which are enough to captivate tourists. Every Sunday more than a 1000 locals and tourists reach these adventure spots and their thrill begins. Trekking is followed by adventure activities in these places.

Bio-diversity park began in 2016 in the month of February. Since then the park has seen more than a lakh of people taking advantage of adventure activities. Tourism department is in for a good income with adventure tourism.

DFO OP Sharma of the North Zone Forest Department said that earlier in the absence of adventure activities, tourists did not find anything thrilling with Udaipur. Now that the adventure activities have started, the interest of tourists in Udaipur as an adventure activity destination has increased. Since Sundays become more crowded, it is being planned to increase the zip-lines so that tourists do not wait for their turn in long queues.

The city is expected to have tourists throughout the year thanks to adventure tourism. Earlier tourists arrived in monsoons only apart from the main winter tourist season. Now that adventure tourism has made its place, the tourism graph is expected to go comparatively high.

CCF Wildlife Rahul Bhatnagar said that Baghdara Nature Park and Badi are being developed for adventure tourism.  Forest areas near the city are also being developed seeing the interest of tourists in adventure. The activities involved in adventure tourism are likely to provide a new dimension to Udaipur tourism.

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