Google's Play Music service to be deleted on February 24

Google's Play Music service to be deleted on February 24

The music streaming service will be deleted and cannot be recovered after 24th Feb.
Google's Play Music service to be deleted on February 24

-Take a backup of your Google 'Play Music' data now, else you will lose everything soon.

-Google has announced that users will not be able to recover their data after 24th Feb as 'Play Music' is about to be deleted forever. 

-The data can be transferred to You Tube Music.

Google is reminding its users to take backup of data in the “Play Music” app as the service is about to be deleted forever. The deadline for the most popular music streaming service will be deleted on February 24th and after this the data cannot be recovered at all.

Google said that all music data and the library of Play Music will be deleted, all uploads, purchases, any kind of music will be gone forever. The users must make sure to take a backup and then they can transfer it to YouTube Music.

It also added, “You've already transferred to YouTube Music. But, if you've made any changes, you still have the option to transfer again so your music library is up to date. If you would like to download your Google Play Music library and data, you can do so with Google Takeout before February 24, 2021.”

Google had shut down operations on Play Music in December last year and this will be replaced by YouTube Music. Users can switch their services to YouTube Music. The steps given for transferring the data to YouTube Music are: Download YouTube Music from Play store or the Apple App store, install, click transfer tab for transferring your data. The transfer does not include Podcasts.

Google recommends that the users who have already transferred their data to YouTube music, must repeat the process to keep their library up to date. Google will cancel the subscription of the users, who do not wish to transfer their data, at the end of the billing cycle so that they do not pay for the subscription.

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