Ayushmann Khurrana reveals his admiration for judge Sonali Bendre on "India's Best Dancer 3"

Ayushmann Khurrana reveals his admiration for judge Sonali Bendre on "India's Best Dancer 3"

India's Got Talent

This Sunday, Sony Entertainment Television’s homegrown dance reality show, India's Best Dancer 3, is set to captivate audiences with its enthralling ‘Dream Girl Special’.  Gracing the episode will be the charismatic duo  Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday, who will be promoting their upcoming film, Dream Girl 2. Making it a dreamy extravaganza, the contestants will strive to impress the judges and the special guests with their awe-inspiring dance moves. 

One of the highlights of the episode will be the scintillating performance by contestant Boogie LLB and choreographer Saumya Kamble. The duo will set the stage ablaze with their electrifying moves, choreographed to the iconic song "Mukkala Mukabala", and will receive a huge round of applause from all.

Judge Geeta Kapur will complement the duo’s performance, saying, "Boogie, you are flawless when you perform solo. I couldn’t take my eyes off you. I often revisit Boogie’s performances, as there are truly astonishing aspects. Your style is executed so beautifully. And while you are an incredible performer, your choreographer, Soumya, contributes significantly to enhancing your dancing prowess. The way you both complement each other is commendable. Even if there are minor imperfections, Soumya's ability to camouflage them is truly remarkable. Soumya, you are a fantastic choreographer. It is because of this synergy that Boogie is flourishing. I was enamored by this act and admire your artistic finesse."

Adding to the excitement, Boogie showcased his poetic skill by dedicating a heartfelt shayari to the charming Ananya Panday. Impressed by this gesture, Ananya will thank Boogie saying, "I love his Shayari." The magic of the evening further intensifies as Ayushmann Khurrana takes a heartfelt moment to express his admiration for the beautiful Sonali Bendre, saying, "I am a big fan of Sonali Ma'am. We both were a part of 'India’s Got Talent' where she graced the judge's panel, and I hosted the show. Ever since I've been smitten by Sonali ma’am. My admiration for her has only grown over time. I had even sung a song for her back then."

Recreating the moment once again, Ayushmann Khurrana serenaded the audience with the soulful song "Akeli Na Bazar Jaya Karo" from the movie "Major Sahab," dedicating it to Sonali Bendre.

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