Bahubali is a special package of exploring 'Motana'and the unseen beauty of Rajasthan

Bahubali is a special package of exploring 'Motana'and the unseen beauty of Rajasthan

Written by: Ritu Sodhi

Bahubali Rajasthani Language Movie Review Showcases True Rajasthani Tribal Culture

The Rajasthani Bahubali film is a special package showcasing the untouched tribal culture and unseen beauty of the state. Director Vipin Tiwari'sd Bahubali also becomes special because it teaches the youth to choose non-violence as their weapon instead of adopting the path of violence.  This thing is very much needed in today's time because there is no patience among the youth. They lose their temper on the minutest of matters and then choose the wrong path, which leads them into the world of crime. This is also an example for those misguided youth who consider criminals as their role models and try to adopt the wrong ways to get justice. In today's time there is a glut of films full of violence and obscenity and OTT is full of such content that cannot be watched while sitting with the family. In such times, this message-filled film is like a breath of fresh air.

Story of the movie

This is the love story of Mangal, a tribal youth and Mangali, a young woman, who want to leave their village due to the evil practices of their tribe, Dhapa and Motana.  From there, Mangal goes to participate in the national archery competition and leaves Mangali behind, alone in the forest. Mangali is killed in a conspiracy by her mother Kali Bai and the village headman Khamman. Returning to the village after winning the medal, Mangal loses his temper when he learns that his family has been lost. To give vent to this anger, the Naxalite leader Comrade hands over a gun to him, only then Mangal's elder brother Dangal arrives to stop him from doing so and takes him to Gandhian Mama Dayal.  Does Mangal pick up the gun or follow the advice of Mama Dayal and his brother?  If Mangal does not pick up the gun, then how does he take his revenge?  Does he join the Naxalites again?  One has to watch the movie to see all this.

Bahubali Rajasthani Language Movie Review Showcases True Rajasthani Tribal Culture

Cast performance

Amitabh Tiwari played the lead role in the film. He carries the film on his shoulders very gracefully.  One as a folk singer and one as a lover, where he is innocent, while the other one is a rough n tough role. His hard work for this role is visible on the screen. This is Vani's first film as Mangali. She has not shown any weakness in her debut role, be it the emotional part or the colour of the bubbly tribal beauty.  Shivraj played the role of Mangal's elder brother Dangal.  He has done full justice to his role, especially in emotional scenes. In the role of Kali Bai, Vijayalakshmi has shown strong character. Khaman played Deepak Meena aka Panya Sepat has done wonders as the vicious Baba.  Whether it is a baba treating people stuck in superstition or a tantrik conspiring, Deepak has left a mark everywhere.  Shravan Sagar has a cameo in the movie. He played a strong part in the movie in the form of Maharana Pratap and Jhala Mann.  The rest of the cast has also done good justice to their roles.

Song-music and location

The strong side of this movie is its songs and music.  Along with this, the untouched locations of Rajasthan are its USP.  Cinematographer Baljit Goswami has shown amazing camera skills.  Nizam Khan has given sweet music for the songs written by director Vipin Tiwari.  All the songs have turned out to be great, but 'Saanson ki sargam mein hai... Dil ki har dhadkan mein hai... tu hi tu saeniye.... heer e...' is a heart touching one.  'Sun Le O Pagli Kamal Kar Di' is soothing to the ears.

Bahubali Rajasthani Language Movie Review Showcases True Rajasthani Tribal Culture


Director Vipin Tiwari has maintained complete control over the film.  The beginning is a bit slow, but after the interval, the movie keeps you hooked in such a way that it doesn't even give you a chance to think.  At some places the pace slows down a bit, then the song inserted there compensates for it. The hard work done by the director on the actors and on the scene is visible in every frame of the film. In this movie, the direction has been very different from his previous films. Vipin Tiwari has done good research even on small scenes which are reflected on the screen.

Why watch this movie

If you love Rajasthani cinema, then you should go and watch this movie. If you want to connect with tribal culture in a live form or you want to see it in real form, then the Rajasthani film Bahubali is a great option.  Unseen, untouched locations of Rajasthan and a new look of the state will also be seen in this movie. It's a good package for those who watch movies with the family. If you want to watch a masala movie then this movie is not for you.

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