Sajjangarh Bio-Park to have 4 new attractions

Sajjangarh Bio-Park to have 4 new attractions

The step is being taken to increase the number of wild life in the biological park. 
Sajjangarh Bio-Park to have 4 new attractions

-The new additions will be females.

-The animals are being brought from Junagarh, Raipur and Chennai.

Sajjangarh Bio-Park needs more of attractions and the animal families need to be increased for this purpose. Following this, it was decided to bring in 4 animals in the park from various zoos and the thought was to bring in only females so that the families can be increased.

The issue that arose earlier was obviously that of corona which became a huge barrier in the transportation of animals. Then the issue of the change in the format of exchange of animals put a halt on this addition. The guidelines are still awaited regarding this exchange format. It was however decided to bring in a tigress, a lioness, a she-wolf and a four horned antelope (chausinga). These animals were to be brought from Junagarh, Raipur and Chennai sanctuaries.

The pandemic brought the transportation of animals to a halt as per the old guidelines but now some changes have been made to the guidelines. The moment new guidelines are enforced; the procedure of transportation will begin. This indicates that probably by the end of 2020, these 4 animals will become a part of the bio-park.

Basically the bio-park was getting short of animals as the number of females was reducing or the females were not good enough for the purpose. Hence the need for bringing in females for increasing the clans.

The sanctuaries from where these animals are being brought are Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur, Chennai; Junagarh Park, Gujarat; Raipur Park, Chhattisgarh. The Central Zoo Authority has been intimated about this need of the bio-park and their decision is awaited.

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