Shane Warne - Pokers real deal?

Shane Warne - Pokers real deal?

Shane Warne - Pokers real deal?

Before his retirement in 2013, Shane Warne has established himself as one of the world's top cricket players. He did not opt for a low-profile retirement as he is regularly seen on podiums with online casino and poker brands like the lucky nugget casino. As he continues, his new life cricket fans are still missing his characteristic leg-spin bowling, which he had mastered to perfection. 

His rise to fame can be attributed to his unique style of play. He was aggressive and compelling, and the slow leg-spin bowling made him a formidable opponent for top batsmen. The fact that he could spin the bowl almost 90 degrees made him one of the most feared bowlers of all time. 

2008 Is When It All Started

In 2008, Shane penned his first contract to represent a poker brand. Pundits and observers were quick to allude that this was not an accident. They claimed that it was Shane looking to extend his recognition beyond cricket. This came when the media were staining his character for his extramarital affairs and drugs. 

When he spoke about his new deal, he claimed that it was not all about the money. He alleged that the uncertainty and excitement in poker are the things he found alluring. He also claimed that he was born to challenge the best players on the planet, and poker gave him that opportunity. The mix of improbability, risk, and competition was so appealing to Shane that he later made a formal entry as a poker player. 

The Shift to Poker

The reason behind his move to poker remains a matter of debate. But, many pundits believe popular brands must have approached him even before his retirement because of his status. However, not many would have imagined that he would become a professional poker player in his retirement. In fact, many of his fans were taken by surprise and even publicly voiced their dislike, but Shane was unmoved. 

He Had Challenges on the Table

It was very challenging for Shane as he began his newfound hobby. Because he was a rookie professional poker player, many popular real money casinos did not give him an opportunity at the big event tables. However, he worked hard, and in a few months, he was representing top teams like WSOP and others as a poker player. 

His earnings as a poker player are so low, with estimates suggesting that he has made 89163 USD in his professional career. However, he is still playing poker. This could be a sign that he was telling the truth when he said it was not about the money.

He Relied On Small Victories

Shane has not had as much success on the table as he had with cricket. His first win at the table came before he retired when he won 2,561 USD in the Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series. This might have been the moment Shane got the encouragement to pursue poker. He has never really won big throughout his career but had lined up a series of small victories. 

He also faced bumpy rides along the way that saw his sponsors cut their ties with him. His poor performances saw his pioneer sponsors cancel their contract. Even though he did not have much success at the table, he followed his heart and had fun.

Source: RBN Media

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