Stanley Ka Dabba is Simply Superb

Stanley Ka Dabba is Simply Superb

Amol Gupte (writer,director) has once again scattered his appetizing magical acting wand among his audience with an endearing “Dabba” of Stanley which fantastically managed to bag tons of applause.


Amol Gupte (writer,director) has once again scattered his appetizing magical acting wand among his audience with an endearing “Dabba” of Stanley which fantastically managed to bag tons of applause.

After a bewildering super hit flick “Taare Zameen Par” Mr. Amol Gupte has made another heart storming movie “Stanley Ka Dabba”. The movie released on 13th May 2011.

Cast & Crew

Producer, Director and Writer : Amol Gupte

Starring: Amol Gupte, Partho, Divya Jagdale, Raj Zutshi.

Cinematography: Amol Gole

Editor: Deepa Bhatia

Music: Hitesh Soni


Stanley Ka Dabba is Simply SuperbIt is a story which takes our memories swing back to our childhood. A story about an abstract, juvenile boy named Stanley (Partho) who can’t afford to bring Tiffin Box in school so he makes it a point that he arrives to school earlier than his classmates and stuff himself with water instead of nourishing food. But this boy has an exceptional talent of writing poems and telling stories which impresses his classmates and his English teacher- Divya Dutta and instead they all share their tiffin boxes with him. And his English teacher offers him chocolates for his poems.

The main twist maker is Stanley’s Hindi teacher Verma Sir (Amol Gupte) known as khadoos who scolds Stanley for not bringing his Tiffin box and sharing others Tiffin’s but the same teacher cleans off the Tiffin boxes of all his students.

Besides all the entertainment and comedy part of this movie the other major aspects which is been focused is the pressure which the students faces due to some bigheaded, egotistic teachers and child labour. The movie not only rejoices the audiences but also gives a heart melting emotion at the climax of the movie.

“Every tiffin has a story “says director Amol Gupte as this movie tells us the story behind every tiffin of a school going kid. Especially the “Dabba song” prompts the love and affection of a mother while preparing her Childs Tiffin box

All the characters in this movie have done a remarkable job. Partho gets special kudos for an outstanding role of Stanley. Other main characters such as Amol Gupte as the merciless, forbidding Hindi teacher, Divya Dutta as a very thoughtful, supportive and loving English teacher, Divya jagdale as a self-centred, greedy science teacher and all other co actors in this film have given their best to give life and spark to this movie.

Screenplay was the simplest but the best. The film was screened in an undemanding way without any complexes that even children can enjoy the movie. The director has clearly floored the underlying theme of the movie to the audience. This movie gives a clear idea of the polished writing skills of Mr. Gupte.

There were minute loop holes in this movie which couldn’t make this movie as Taare Zameen Par which was a blockbuster. This may be because of Amir Khan’s starring in Taare Zameen Par. But it may be a lackluster for a child below six as it was in Taare Zameen Par.

But no doubt the movie has thrashed the box office with an awesome rating of 4 stars out of 5.

Stanely Ka Dabba has been shot with a mere professional crew in the natural lightings except for the last climax scene which was shot using a bulb was been reported. The time where people enjoy the masala in the movie with a fight scene, little romance with some item song, this little story with its innocence and childishness has become an eye candy for its viewers in no time.

Overall in simple words a “little movie with a big heart” Stanley ka Dabba has lucratively and efficaciously pouring its fragrances in the box office.

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