Sunday fun at picnic spots-Perfect celebration

Sunday fun at picnic spots-Perfect celebration

Sunday funday picnic

Sunday fun at picnic spots-Perfect celebration

Sunday became a day of fun and merry making for Udaipur public. The day was spent having utmost fun at picnic spots though the weather was dry.

Rains in the past few days created a good weather for perfect picnic outings. Most of the picnic spots of Udaipur were flooded with public chilling out in the water flowing at various channels. With greenery at its bloom after the first few rain showers, it is but obvious for people to move out with families to enjoy the nature at its best.

Nandeshwar ji, Ubeshwar ji, Jhameshwar Mahadev, Keleshwar Mahadev etc. were seen bustling with activity on Sunday 22nd July. People enjoyed taking dips in the flowing waters, children enjoyed splashing, the overall scene was that of fun and beauty.

The only trouble that every picnic spot is in is that there are no warning signs, no security guards, no police men for emergency situations. In the absence of warning signs, public is unaware of the dangers of these picnic spots. People have reported in the past and even recently that picnic spots are not being taken care of by public visiting these places. Broken glass pieces or glass bottles are a common sight everywhere. Slippery places must have sign boards but none can be seen around. People getting inside water have even stepped on broken bottles and got injured.

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