The most innovative things happening with online casinos

The most innovative things happening with online casinos

Technology revolution in online gaming and casino provides and authentic and realistic casino experience, which is possible through live streaming and VR technologies
The most innovative things happening with online casinos

As technology is making progress, so are online casino sites. Just think about it - a decade ago, one couldn’t expect much of an online gambling site, except a handful of slots and table games with graphics that were highly reminiscent of the 1990s SNES games. Today, on the other hand, online casinos have portfolios that beat the selection of games in any brick-and-mortar casino. Whether you like video slots, baccarat or blackjack, modern-day online casinos never fail to amaze and deliver authentic and authentic casino experience. And the best thing is, they implement innovations on a daily basis. Here are some of the most innovative things happening with online casinos right now!

Online Payment Methods

Online payment methods such as eWallets are taking over the casino industry! Traditional deposit solutions such as bank wire and credit cards are considered to be slow, and incredibly expensive when compared to their online counterparts. For instance, a withdrawal via bank wire can cost you $30 and it takes 7 to 10 days for the money to get to your bank account. When withdrawing with eWallets there are usually no additional charges involved, and the money is available within 24 hours. Players love them so much that, for example, they do their own lists with a rating of Playtech online casinos accepting Indians to decide which one is the best.

Still, there are many casino punters who believe eWallets are not safe. On the contrary, they are much safer than traditional payment methods, as they include several security steps to reassure the person making the transfer is really you. These come in the form of a special PIN code you set up on your account, or a one-time code sent to you on your mobile phone or email. In addition to that, they will require identity verification from time to time, just to keep your balance safe.

Skill-Based Games

Games of chance are still around, but one of the main innovations in online casinos are skill-based games. They are the perfect mix of video games as we know them, and gambling and they come in all shapes and sizes. Players can choose lighthearted mini-games in which they have to play a game similar to the PC classic minesweeper, or try some of the more demanding titles where they go on quests, alongside their peers from all across the globe to collect points, coins, and special prizes. Games of skill, a title that was to this day reserved mostly for blackjack and poker, are becoming more exciting than ever thanks to stunning graphics, amazing sound effects, and intricate storylines that transport you directly to new and dynamic worlds of online gaming.

Widely Accepted Cryptocurrencies

These days, more often than not, a casino punter will encounter a casino that supports crypto payments. While some might think of them as of a fad that will soon come to an end, cryptos are, in fact, here to stay. They provide anonymous transactions, with no commission, that is straightforward, simple, and almost instant. Cryptocurrencies enable players from all corners of the world to enjoy online gambling, even in cases when this popular pastime activity is banned by the government. As cryptos aren’t a centralized currency, they are ruled and regulated by the owners which make them a perfect payment method in online casinos. Online casinos are extensively working on promoting cryptocurrencies, and even offer special bonuses for crypto punters.

eSports Betting

If COVID-19 pandemic convinced us one thing, is that eSports are a force to be reckoned with. After all sports tournaments and competitions got delayed due to the lockdown, there was one discipline that survived - eSports. eSports are no longer an activity reserved for guys living in their mothers’ basements. After all, the high-fashion luxury brand Gucci signed a deal with Fnatic’s League of Legends team, which only shows the impact this “geeky” activity has. And sponsorship deals in eSports are sometimes as good as in any other classic sports industry.

All this makes them a lucrative betting opportunity, as the number of championships and competitions is growing each day, and the industry gets more and more diverse.

VR and Live Casinos

Nowadays, players want an authentic and realistic casino experience, which is possible thanks to live casino streaming and VR technologies. Highly advanced technology enables the player to feel as if he was in a brick-and-mortar venue in Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo, as they feature real dealers and not automated animations. Some software providers go as far as to offer VR casinos where you can walk in, talk to employees and your peers, while never leaving your bedroom. Live casinos are also becoming more and more reliable thanks to top-notch streaming technology that transfers the actions in real-time, no delays, and buffering, even when playing on your mobile.

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