CTAE Engineer Utsav Ravi's Editorial venture 'TVF Flames Season 4' Launched on 21 December

CTAE Engineer Utsav Ravi's Editorial venture 'TVF Flames Season 4' Launched on 21 December

The seeds of passion were sown while he was doing his Engineering at CTAE, Udaipur

Utsav Ravi CTAE Engineering Student to Film Maker Editor in Bollywood on team of TVF Flames Season 4

TVF Flames Season 4 has released on the OTT platform today. The TVF Series was the first among the Web Series in India and this season is special for Udaipur, because Utsav Ravi, an Engineer who passed out of the prestigious College of Technology and Agriculture Engineering (CTAE) Udaipur, is right up there on the dias as Associate Editor for this season.

Ravi, a studious and creatively inclined individual, consistently displayed a passion for things beyond his academic obligations during his engineering years. While pursuing his degree, Ravi seized an opportunity to create a short film that would later become the inaugural cinematic attempt at CTAE (College of Technology and Engineering). Titled “CTAE Life,” the film premiered during the college's TechFest, receiving an overwhelmingly positive response.

The pinnacle of his achievements is the upcoming release of TVF Flames Season 4, a web series where Ravi contributed as an Associate Editor. Reflecting on the past, the journey comes a full circle, from watching “TVF Pitchers”  in college, to witnessing Ravi's significant role as Associate Editor in "TVF Flames Season 4."

TVF Flames Season 4 Utsav Ravi CTAE

Despite his initial lack of awareness on film making, Ravi continued to explore his cinematic interests all on his own and gained recognition and accolades for his work. He won the Best After Movie Award at TechFest, fueling his passion for filmmaking. In 2015, he started with his second project, "The Almighty". However, upon graduating in 2016, Ravi found himself drawn into the corporate realm, securing a position at a prominent automobile company.

Despite the stability offered by his corporate role, Ravi's passion for filmmaking continued, prompting a life-changing decision. He took a leap of faith and gave up his secure job to pursue a filmmaking course in Mumbai. He applied and was selected.  He Graduated from the two year course at the institute as a Silver Medalist.  Ravi's dedication and talent caught the attention of industry veteran Subash Ghai, leading to a collaborative opportunity in one of Ghai's documentaries.

The journey, however, encountered an unexpected hurdle with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, causing a temporary standstill in the film industry in the year 2020. Ravi, however,  got an opportunity to work as Assistant Editor in Anurag Kashyap's directorial venture, “Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat.” Subsequent projects included the web series “Kaalkoot” on Jio Cinema, featuring Vijay Verma, where he worked as an Assistant Editor and the feature film “Sukhee” starring Shilpa Shetty, where Ravi once again served as an Associate Editor. Recently, Ravi got “First Act,” a documentary released which is available on Amazon Prime.


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