Udaipur’s Vintage cars are globally popular

Udaipur’s Vintage cars are globally popular

Vintage cars are the new craze for tourism and weddings.

Udaipur’s Vintage cars are globally popular

Vintage cars in Udaipur are gaining global popularity. The demand for photo shoots and feel of royal ride with these Vintage cars has become a craze.

There is a craze for Udaipur’s Vintage cars among tourists. Not just tourists, but people going in for pre-wedding shoots, too, prefer Vintage cars for their memory albums. These Vintage cars are almost 80 years old. Udaipur has more than 60 Vintage cars which are sought after by tourists.

Royal tourism is the new craze developing in Lake City Udaipur. These cars are mostly on display by Royal families of Udaipur. Also available during wedding seasons for people who prefer hopping into these cars, the Vintage collection is made available in rallies and exhibitions as well.

Beating the modern versions

Chevrolet master car of 1935 beats the modern machines. Gajendra Sharma, who has a collection of 10 Vintage cars, says that he has Fleet Master 1947, Standard Herald 1963, AM Rambler 1965, Mercedes Benz 1969, Buick, Rambler, Herald, Austin, Beetle from Volkswagen and even Doj which are in high demand. He even takes his cars for rallies and exhibitions. Even school children are taken for visits in the Vintage car museum which is in the premises of Garden Hotel in front of Gulab Bagh.

Udaipur’s Vintage cars are globally popular

Pre-wedding shoots

Vintage cars have become extremely popular among youngsters for their pre-wedding shoots. Since cultural heritage and historical buildings are much in demand for these pre-wedding shoots, Vintage cars are obviously in demand for the royal look.

Destination Weddings

Last year, actor Neil Nitin Mukesh’s royal wedding was the talk of the town. Neil had entered his wedding venue in a Vintage car. A lot of people have started booking these Vintage cars for their wedding processions. This year, too, Vintage cars were booked much in advance for the weddings.

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