A peep into PM Modi’s car convoy

A peep into PM Modi’s car convoy

PM Modi's Land Cruiser is worth 10 crores.

A peep into PM Modi’s car convoy

PM Modi’s visit to Udaipur is a matter of joy for Udaipur city. Before we get into more news on Prime Minister Modi’s visit, let us take simply peep into his car convoy.

8 bullet proof cars have reached Udaipur for PM Modi’s visit. A mock drill was performed with these cars on Monday. It was informed that each car is worth 10 crores. The convoy goes everywhere with the PM. There are 8 Land Cruisers in the convoy. 4 out of these will be at the Pratap Gaurav Kendra and 4 at Khelgaon. PM Modi will board the car from the helipad and reach the destination. The cars reached Ajmer from Delhi by train and then by road to Udaipur. These are absolutely perfect from security point of view.

No damage even at 100 feet fall

Most important thing about these Land Cruisers is that they can withstand any type of attack and/or fall. As per an important source, these cars do not get damaged even after falling from 100 feet. These bullet proof Cruisers remain unaffected by gun shots and bombs. One of the cars is also equipped with mobile jammer.

Only PM Modi’s car will be allowed to enter Pratap Gaurav Kendra. Rest all other VVIP cars will not be allowed to enter the area. PM Modi is likely to be in Pratap Gaurav Kendra for 20 minutes.

Source : bhaskarnews

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