Changes in wedding dates due to covid19

Changes in wedding dates due to covid19

Some people have extended the weddings, some have cancelled and are looking forward for the next best muhurat.
Changes in wedding dates due to covid19
Covid19 has also resulted in losses for the event organisers.

Covid19 has put a break to all the oncoming events and ceremonies especially the weddings. A lot of people have extended the wedding dates and a lot have cancelled and are waiting for the next best muhurat. Of course social distancing is important and ruling the minds of majority. 

Akha Teej is an ocassionn when most of the non-muhurat weddings take place as this day is considered to be an auspicious day for weddings. But because of covid19, even this day is likely to have less wedding ceremonies.

The event organisers are in tension as the cancellations are going to affect their earnings. All wedding muhurats are in April and May and novel coronavirus is ruling the muhurats.The wedding events that are in May are waiting for the announcement for the lifting of lockdown period and will happen accordingly.

As informed by the president of Hotel Association, none of the families are being harassed as the issue is quite understandable. Everyone is trying to accomodate with the families so that no one suffers though the losses are extreme. 

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