Depression, side-effects of online education and health issues

Depression, side-effects of online education and health issues

Webinar on health during covid-19 By AIJ-Udaipur
Depression, side-effects of online education and health issues

-The vaccine may be available only in June 2021-Dr. D P Singh

-Online education has more of ill-effects on children-Dr R L Suman

-More than 60% people are facing depression due to corona-Dr Miqdad hussain Bohra

-Pulses and soya to be consumed by vegetarians and chicken and fish by non-vegetarians for better health-Dr Ridhima Khamesra

In a webinar conducted on 4th Ocotber regarding corona effects on people, Former Principal of RNT Medical College Dr D P Singh stated that researches are going on over 240 vaccines around the world. 9 out of these are in the final stage but vaccines will be not be able to hit the markets before June 2021. This certainly emphasises that preventive measures are the only option to stay safe in the ongoing pandemic times. It is of utmost importance that people suffering from diabetes, blood pressure etc. are treated with great care if any of these are found positive. 

The webinar conducted via google meet was a joint collaboration of Association of Indian Journalists and Udaipur Times. The focus was on health issues and it was discussed that health care is of extreme importance in the present times. It was pointed out that if any person suffers a drop in oxygen level (less than 94), he or she must be immediately rushed to the medical care. When a person has oxygen level less than 90, artifical oxygen is required. Dr Singh also said that a distance of at least 3 feet must be maintained between people, hands be constantly washed, sanatisers be used and most importantly the use of mask be given utmost prioroty. If these mandates are followed, we can certainly be safe.

Dr RL Suman highlighted the effects of online education on children. India did not have a system of online education but it has been brought forth because of the pandemic. He stated that there are more of ill-effects of online education than benefits. Children are facing a lot of health issues viz. muscular pains, joint pains, eye sensitivity etc. If these issues are not treated on time, they can turn into severe health issues in the long run. Children must be encouraged to stop the use of mobile for long durations. As it is they are attending online classes regularly for longer time and staying on the mobile for games and other purposes apart from studies must be strongly discouraged. 

Dr Miqdad Hussain Bohra, Faculty of medicine, University of Toronto, said that more than 3.5 crore people have tested corona positive and the relief in this direction is that 2.5 crores have recovered. The pandemic has affected one and all and its blow can be clearly seen on social, political, religious, employment and tourism fields. It has affected humans directly which has led them to depression. 
Covid has created too much of loss and this can be seen on the health workers as well. The numbers of health workers are reducing. A negative effect on a person's mental condition is leading him towards bad habits and more than 60 percent of people are in depression. 

Highlighting the area of food during the pandemic, Dr Ridhima Khamesra said that vegetarians must make sure that they eat pulses, soya, seeds and non-vegetarians must consume chicken and fish to increase their immunity. Instead of processed foods, people must switch to healthy protein diets and drink at least 12 glasses of water per day. Those who have faced the infection must make sure that they take a good amount of calories, vitamin C and D must be reasonable consumed and natural fibres and trifla must also be used. Avoid cold drinks, curd if you have throat infection. 

The webinar was joined by pople from 22 states including Delhi, Noida, Bihar, Jharkhand, Jhabua, Indore, Ranchi. Vote of thanks was given by the association's National President Vikram Sen. The technical support was provided by Udaipur Times. 

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